Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, I’m still going to add some more.  I feel like this picture represents the last 7 months of our lives.   Total chaos.  And what you can’t see in the picture are 1000 little paper circles from the hole puncher that for some reason  (AHEM) were all over the floor instead of in a trashcan or other logical place so that they got stuck on your feet and tracked all over the house.  I don’t know how Russ was able to function in this room to study – it would drive me crazy….Heck it did drive me crazy, so I had to just close the door most of the time and pretend that the chaos didn’t exist.

Which is what I did the majority of the last 7 months – pretend the chaos didn’t exist.  Which is probably why I’ve been such a slack blogger – if I were to write, it would be about the chaos and I would have to admit that it was actually there.  Instead, I spend my evenings in denial on facebook and falling asleep at 8:00 instead of blogging most of the time.

BUT – this evening, a clean floor exists in the office once again.  The papers have all been taken to the recycling center.  The little paper circles are in the vacuum cleaner.  The turkey fryer is in the attic.  And the horse is back in the playroom.  Oh, and Russ finished his board exam.  And I feel this amazing sense of relief.  Like we have really accomplished something and are on the other side of the chaos.  Sure we also got down all of the baby things from the attic today making more real the chaos that is to come, but for now, there is a strange sense of calm and peace.

To really appreciate the peace and to feel like we really deserve it, I want to highlight some of our accomplishments from the last 7 months.


  • Potty Trained
  • Transitioned into a new room with a real big girl bed
  • Overcoming serious sleep (lack of sleep) issues
  • Dealing with the ever present reality that she will soon not be an only child
  • Being two, which is a constant balancing act of trying to assert independence and realizing limitations – that’s hard work
  • Getting smarter and cuter everyday


  • Finished and PASSED second year of medical school and the last of his classroom work.
  • Completed the 8 hour board exam
  • Dealt with cranky pregnant wife and two year-old daughter without causing bodily harm to either
  • Continues quest to fight the church bureaucracy and be ordained
  • Being First Runner-Up in Womanless Beauty Pageant


  • Being Pregnant
  • Being the mother of a two year-old
  • Being the wife of a med school student
  • Setting world records for the number of trips to the bathroom in a two-hour time period
  • Not sleeping at night (and not falling asleep at my desk or during worship…yet)
  • Surviving a month of solo pastoring AGAIN while head of staff was out with knee surgery while also training the new secretary
  • Completed my Christian Educator Certification Exam and accompanying reflection/evaluation process
  • Advent/Christmas/Ash Wednesday/Lent/Holy Week/Easter
  • Womanless Beauty Pageant/Coupon Workshop/Confirmation/Vacation Bible School/Montreat
  • Preaching more in 7 months than I thought I would in my whole life…and actually enjoying it
  • All the regular church stuff
  • Keeping the family fed, in clean clothes, and in a mostly clean house
  • Learning to play the coupon game and save our family $150+ each month

I realize that not all of these things seem like huge accomplishments, but during this pregnancy EVERYTHING feels like a huge accomplishment.  And this peace and sense of accomplishment comes at a very good time because the adrenaline that was keeping me going this past month especially officially ran out yesterday around 9:30 am and I’m pooped.


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  1. I think every one of those things is a huge accomplishment. I am constantly trying to figure out how to use my time better, and apparently I should just be getting lessons from you! I am exhausted just reading this list (which may mean I wouldn’t be a very good student).

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