toy story 3

Getting to watch your kid experience something new and fun for the fist time is truly incredible.  Last Friday, we decided that we were going to take Piglet to her first movie at a movie theater – Toy Story 3 – the following Monday.  The whole weekend, I was really excited….I mean really excited.  I would talk about it with Piglet to try to get her to be as excited as I was, but I don’t think she ever reached that level.

We planned on going to a movie that would be shortly after her nap, which I thought was smart:  she would be well rested and the popcorn she would eat would not interfere with her dinner.  But, we didn’t get to the theater in time and the show was sold out…I forgot to factor in that it was a holiday and hot outside and EVERYONE and their mother would be going to the movie, speaking of mothers, Grammy and Pops came, too, which made it even more exciting for Piglet.  We went ahead and got tickets for the next show and had an hour to kill.  Piglet didn’t understand why we were leaving, but with the mention of ice cream to kill time, she was on board.

We got back 30 minutes before the show started so we would have enough time to do last minute potty breaks, get popcorn and drinks (for $19.50, thank you very much – but it WAS Piglet’s very first movie experience, so we had to go all out – next time, we’re bringing the big mom bag filled with our own snacks), and get seats together on the back row so no one could kick Grammy seat (this is her all time pet peeve).  We were successful on all accounts.   With 10 minutes until showtime, I took Piglet for our last pre-movie potty break.  She gleefully skipped down the hall and back – she just couldn’t contain her excitement about the whole experience – so very cute.

Then the lights dimmed and the movie started, well the 20 minutes of previews and animated short started.  And Piglet was hooked.  She laughed out loud, really loud, a lot.  She was definitely the loudest laugher in the theater.  And it was so very cute.   She did really well in the movie considering that “stillness” and “quietness” are not among her strengths as a 2.5 year-old.  She changed seats a few times…her own…Grammy’s…Pops’…and back again (she did not, however, want to sit with Mommy or Daddy, which made me a little sad, but I will have to admit that my lap is not the most comfortable at the moment, plus it’s pretty clear she prefers Grammy and Pops in most cases).  She was a BIG fan of the popcorn.  We got the big bucket. and refilled it.  before the movie started.  I packed a little popcorn bucket from home so she could have her own.  It was just so cute.

Good Times


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