best week ever

I was planning a “woe is still pregnant me” post because I only have five shirts that still cover my huge belly without constant tugging and fidgeting, and I only got 4 hours of sleep last night, but I decided who wants to read that?!   Instead I want to chronicle the best week ever to remind myself that I can make it through a few more days of pregnancy if they are days like these AND that I am a lucky lucky girl.  I decided last week during a “woe is still pregnant me” moment that I would declare this week “pamper myself week”.   So that is what I’m doing and doing well.  It’s my reward for making it this far without physically harming anyone or having a complete breakdown AND for actually getting all of my work to-do list done LAST week, so that this week (my official last week of work before beginning maternity leave), I am just coasting and getting a few last minute things done.

Day 1 – Sunday (yesterday)

  • Last Sunday of work for 8 glorious Sundays.  I love my job and Sundays are my favorite day because that’s when I get to see the wonderful people that make me love my job, but it will be nice to have 8 weeks of not having to lead anything on Sundays and to enjoy some Sabbath.  We look forward to some actual full weekend travel that doesn’t include midnight driving back home so I can be in church in the morning.  We also look forward to some church hopping…maybe some idea getting and mainly just some time to worship as a family and to experience worship in a variety of ways.
  • Church Shower.  We were showered with great great love and generosity yesterday after church.  It was truly overwhelming – we have enough diapers, wipes, and gift cards so that we shouldn’t have to expend any personal resources for the whole first year – at least on those practical things.  Plus there were a few precious blue items that just make preparing for a little baby boy oh so much fun.  I had a great time looking through all of it for the third time last night.  We are certainly blessed.
  • I asked nicely, and Russ gave the garden tub a good scrubbing so that I could take a nice nice bath and read my new Southern Living.  say it with me….ahhhh….


  • The day started with my favorite time of the month – the Educators gathering.  During the 9 month school year, we meet monthly for Bible study and then an idea sharing session with youth directors.  But during the summer, we just meet for breakfast and to catch up on our busy summers.  It was great fun.


  • I just found out that my other favorite gathering is meeting tomorrow.  I did not have it on my calendar so it is a fun surprise!  The lady clergy meet for lunch once a quarter.  They are a wonderful group, and these “lunches” have turned into 3-4 hour group counseling, venting, laughing, idea sharing afternoons.  And what fun that it falls on the same week as the educator gathering.  This is turning out to be the best last week of “work” ever.
  • After “work” I am picking Piglet up and we are heading to get her first hair cut.  This is bitter sweet, but I am mostly excited because celebrating firsts are always fun, plus Grammy is coming, so we’ll make a girls’ afternoon out of it.


  • I might actually have to work this day, but after work, I am going to cash in a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure.  Pedicures are something that I rarely do because they are expensive, but I LOVE them, especially when I’m pregnant and can’t reach my toes to make them pretty on my own.


  • Josh, Kathryn, and baby Roo are coming to town!
  • We have a dr. appointment in the morning, at which the doctor should tell me that I can deliver at any moment, right?!  please.
  • Then Russ has a CPM meeting to hopefully move forward (FINALLY) in the ordination process in this presbytery.   Because he has been “under care” for seven years, he’s a bit of an oddity.  He is taking me and his session liaison as back-up (and to kick him under the table if he starts to get too feisty).
  • THEN, I am cashing in a gift certificate to get a pregnancy massage while Russ takes Piglet to my parents house for the afternoon and night.  I may go hang out with the family (grammy, pops, kathryn, josh, and roo, too)  Thursday evening or I may just go home and enjoy an evening by myself…not sure yet.  What do you think?


  • BEACH with the family


  • One of my BFFs – definitely my longest, oldest friend is coming into to town.  It will be wonderful to catch up and hug her neck.

So while I’m so so ready to not be pregnant anymore, I am kind of hoping now that I can make it through the week because there is just so much goodness planned.   But wouldn’t a baby be the perfect end to the best week ever?  I think so.

4 Responses

  1. Sounds lovely:-) I hope you can get some sleep in there somewhere. As much as I would love to see you Thursday…I vote enjoy the after massage solitude. Get dinner at Cracker Barrell….it worked for Kathryn….labor started an hour later…..You’ll have to ask her what she ordered. We’ll see you at the beach Friday AM if it doesn’t work:-)

  2. I agree with Grammy. I think you should enjoy an evening to yourself. We will see you at the hospital 😉 Make sure you tell the person doing the massage to hit all the right spots to send you into labor (I don’t know what the spots are but they do).

    FYI – I had grilled chicken, fried okra, mac & cheese, water, and a biscuit the night I went into labor with Roo.

  3. Please send any advice along on the CPM meeting. Brandon is in a similiar boat…feeling the call the be an ordained professor. I think they should swap stories.

  4. Aaryn,

    Tell Brandon I have nothing useful to pass along as it looks like I’ll still be under the care of CPM for the next 20 years. Interestingly, no one’s given me a good reason why, even though I’ve asked repeatedly for reasons either from scripture or the constitution of the PC(USA). Maybe one day I’ll learn the secret handshake, but I’m gonna keep pushing and pushing and pushing for the time being. I’ll definitely contact Brandon.

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