I totally jinxed myself yesterday.  I guess that’s what I get for trying to be positive instead of brutally honest.

I wrote the post around noon as I took my lunch break.  By 4:30, the day had taken a terrible turn.  In those few hours, Piglet developed a fever out of nowhere; I locked myself out of the house in 95 degree heat; Piglet threw up all over herself, me, and the foyer; and I slipped in the vomit, which sent my legs in opposite directions and caused great pain.  It was awesome.

But thanks to Grammy and Russ, the week was still salvaged (so far – perhaps I’m jinxing myself again).  After my stressful afternoon, Russ went to the store and provided the goods for apple pie a la mode, my first real pregnancy craving.  And Grammy came over today to take care of Piglet so that I could still go to my lady clergy lunch.  Plus, by this afternoon, Piglet was feeling better, and we still got to go for her first haircut:

She did awesome…but cutting off her hair was just so sad – I wonder what will become of her curls – will they still be here tomorrow or are they gone forever?  But it was definitely time to do something with “crazy hair”.   After she finished getting extra cutified, we topped the haircut off with a visit to a cupcake store…yum

2 Responses

  1. Tears come to my eyes seeing that hair in the bag.

  2. oh. my. GOSH! that pic of her after her hair cut is so freakin ADORABLE!

    first hair cuts are emotional. i still have both locks of hair in their baby books. and sadly, they both had curls until their first hair cuts and then they were gone. stick straight hair now, but still gorgeous in my opinion 🙂

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