love at first sight

Nine years and two months ago at the battle fields of Verdun in France, I saw a boy in khaki shorts, a t-shirt, tennis shoes, slouched socks, baseball cap, and glasses with a camera around his neck and…..a black pleather fanny pack around his waist.  And for some reason, I thought – I’m going to marry that guy.  Love is blind I suppose.

Today, when I logged onto My Yahoo page, there was an article about the worst fashion trends for guys – top of the list….THE FANNY PACK….and I laughed out loud a little – you have to read the caption, too.

I think telling the fanny pack story is hilarious, but then Russ always throws in the “well, what does it say about you that you still dated me?” question.  But I remember thinking that it was kind of sweet because he was wearing it because his grandmother gave it to him and told him it would be good to have.  And being that I wasn’t exactly a fashionista myself, I also liked the fact that he wasn’t overly concerned with his appearance – he didn’t care about hair gel and expensive clothes.  And he took it well when he and the fanny pack became the source of laughter and jokes from the rest of the group (although the fanny pack did not see the light of day the rest of the trip).  AND it was the topic of our very first conversation as we walked from dinner to the Eiffel Tower.  I had seen a Parisian walking down the street earlier that day wearing his fanny pack more like a back pack, diagonally over his right shoulder and under the left arm, so I told Russ that he was like a local, just wearing it the wrong way.

That’s where it all began folks, in the trenches of Verdun and on the streets of Paris.

Whodathunk that nine years later that fanny pack wearing boy and I would be married for almost seven years and have almost two kids?

2 Responses

  1. Such a neat story…and I think it’s cute that Piglet knows the Eiffel Tower and that it’s where her Mommy and Daddy met

  2. I think all the mocking about the fanny pack has made him self-conscious which is why he struggled with the 4th of July handprint/footprint shirt!

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