cry then laugh

I have survived three long days now with two kids by myself.   We have made it to Piglet’s school on time every day.  I showered 2/3 of the time.  I have made not one, but two trips to Target by myself with both kids, including one trip to the potty with both kids.  The three of us all made it to the doctor without any meltdowns.  Baby B joined his sister on the reflux train so we had to go get some drugs – which we are so thankful for because even after 24 hours, he is very much improved and much happier.

All in all, it’s been a successful three days.  The only mark in the FAIL column came yesterday evening.  One of those times when in the moment you just might cry, but with a good ten minutes of perspective, you just have to laugh.

It was 5:00ish; Baby B was eating; Russ was going to go to the pharmacy to pick up Baby B’s drugs and take Piglet with him.  Piglet, however, kept stalling and finally after several warnings and even counting to three with no results, Russ left without her.  She ran to the door and had a MELT.  DOWN.  Then she put on her shoes. (You see where this is going, right?)  I was on the couch still feeding Baby B, so I tried to talk the hysteric 2.5 year-old out of going out that door.  She (of course) did not listen.  At first, she just cracked the door and stood in the doorway screaming.  Then she came back in.  Then she gave me THE LOOK OF DEFIANCE and headed out the door.  I yelled after her, but she kept going.  I jumped up and ran after her.  Baby B started crying because his meal was rudely and abruptly interrupted.   By the time I got outside, Piglet was IN THE STREET still screaming for Daddy and running after his car (which was a good five minutes down the road by this point).  I yelled for her to stop and come back.  And she did.  Then I realized that in my state of panic I did not take the time to put away Baby B’s food source before jumping up and running after Piglet.  AWESOME.   Luckily, there were no neighbors out and about at the time, so I avoided any embarrassment or indecent exposure charges.


6 Responses

  1. LOVE it!! That has almost happened to me a MILLION times! I use to fear answering the door totally exposed!!!! So funny! Glad y’all are all safe and sound!!!

  2. this is really funny…i mean, really funny! i read it to andy and he got a good chuckle too! quality stuff!

  3. I’m sorry, but I am laughing….about the food source part. The other is kind of scary. I guess you’ll have to start using the dead bolt lock all the time…

    • By the way, I’m impressed with the trips to target with 2, but I’m super impressed with the trip to potty with 2!

  4. I love you So much!! That is classic!!

  5. I have to admit I laughed out loud about the whole neighbor flashing but the other stuff is also scary. I swear your stories of motherhood are inspiring!

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