Baby Tim Taylor

Have you ever known a baby to grunt?  Baby B grunts pretty much constantly – when he’s awake, when he’s asleep.  You would think he was always pooping because that’s what it sounds like.  The other day, one of the teachers was on break at the front desk at Piglet’s school and offered to watch Baby B while I went down the hall to Piglet’s room.  I definitely took her up on that offer because lugging the car seat with a 10.8 lb kid down the hall and back twice a day and trying to keep grubby little two year-old hands off of him while in the room is exhausting.  When I came back, she said, “I think he may need a diaper change, he was grunting a lot.”  I checked, but nope, he just does that.  It’s especially fun at night when he starts grunting for 5 minutes every 10 minutes about an hour before he wakes up to eat.  I think we’re going to move him over to his room soon because I can take much more of that.  So I can’t decide why he’s grunting.  I think maybe it’s his way of declaring mild discontentment.  He doesn’t really cry much – only when he’s hungry or when he’s just eaten and is having painful reflux related issues.  So I think he grunts when he’s bored or tired or about to get hungry or needs a diaper change.  I don’t know, but it’s just a little weird.



We have been trying to decide whether or not to have a friend party for Piglet’s birthday this year or just stick to the laid back family thing.   Today, Piglet went to a birthday party for a little boy from school and she was the only one from her class that went.  The boy has a twin in another classroom, and they invited all the kids from both classes.  And out of those 20 kids, only 2 came.  How sad.  I know people are busy, but only 2?!  So maybe we won’t have a friend party just yet.  I would hate for her to get all excited about her friends coming and then none of them showing up.



Thursday night was meet the teacher night at school.  We are excited about her new teacher – she seems really nice and has a BS degree in education.  And bonus:  her old teacher is going to be the teacher assistant, so that should make the transition much easier – she doesn’t handle change or chaos really well at school.  Anyway, we went to her new room and saw that all of the chairs had their names on them.  We told Piglet to find her name, and she did.


Awesome Parenting

Piglet’s food intake today:

6:00 am:  5 Pez (she filled up her sticker chart and got a prize – she chose pez at 6:00 am)

Breakfast:  1.5 cinnamon rolls

Lunch:  1 chicken nugget, cupcake, ice cream

Snack:   a strawberry starburst and a cookie

Dinner:  half of a banana

I think tomorrow it’s time for a sugar detox – it’s a wonder she’s asleep right now…but then maybe she’s crashed into a sugar coma.


I Just Laughed

Russ:  I have a new favorite movie.

Me:  What?

Russ:  “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”  I watched it last night.

Me:  Ok.

Russ:  I laughed.  I cried.

Me:  bank stare

Russ:  Seriously.

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  1. I remember that you pretty much stopped eating about this age also. You started eating again about age 4. I knew you had turned a corner when the daycare served vegetable soup and you ate it!!

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