Maternity leave is a slightly OCD person’s dream and nightmare all at once.  I love being home with Baby B, but at this point he still sleeps a lot.  And while I sit and hold the sweet sleeping baby and look around the room or walk into the kitchen to get a drink or into the laundry room for the 85th time that day to wash yet more clothes and burp cloths, I have extra time to notice how dirty things are, and it drives me NUTSO.

So I’ve made a list (because I LOVE lists) of things that need to be cleaned that I don’t have time to clean during my regular working life.  It’s actually a bit frightening when I think about how long it’s been since some things have been cleaned.  I started thinking about how it’s crazy that we’ve been in this house for over four years now, and then I started thinking about how I’m pretty sure since we’ve been in this house, I have not thoroughly cleaned the oven, refrigerator, or laundry room YUCK! (I have wiped up spills and such so they weren’t completely disgusting).    So over the past two weeks, I have been a cleaning fool.  I have de-linted the  laundry room, deep-cleaned the kitchen (seriously – oven, microwave, toaster oven, coffee pot, sink, cabinets, and refrigerator), vacuumed out my car, cleaned off the deck, organized Piglet and Baby B’s drawers and closets and book shelves, and reorganized my coupon notebook…among the day to day picking up after everyone and 85 loads of laundry.

The OCD in me secretly enjoys the cleaning, well, not so much the actual cleaning but the feeling of accomplishment afterward.  I seriously will open the refrigerator or go into the laundry room at random times just to look at how clean it is.  It makes me happy.  It’s pathetic, I know.  But when you’re stuck at home with a little person who eats every 2-3 hours, the little things are a big deal.  Don’t judge me.

There are still many things on my list (fun things like cleaning the trash cans), but it’s mostly regular house cleaning things…I am determined to go back to work with a super clean house because I know that there won’t be much time for cleaning once the craziness begins (my first official day back is Rally Day, so it’s really going to start off with a bang of crazy).

And since R-Day is only twoish weeks away, I should get off the computer and back to business…time to put some stuff in the attic.


3 Responses

  1. Don’t you just love checking things off the list? and adding things you did that weren’t on the list just so you can check them off?

  2. You just made me feel really bad about myself. I am hoping to have the dog mud mopped up before you come on Friday 🙂

    Grammy, I add things to my to-do list at school just so I can check them off ALL THE TIME!

  3. That brings back memories… only i remember sitting with a six week old & crying (both of us) looking at everything I needed to clean & couldn’t. I am jealous of your new-baby-&-toddler productivity. My house is a wreck…. so if you run out of things to clean, I will hold baby b & the goose will entertain piglet & you can have at it! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your productivity-leave!

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