Baby B went 7.5 hours between feedings last night.  It was a good omen for things to come today – I was well rested and ready to take on a few more mom-of-two-tasks.  There are just some things that you know are going to happen a lot eventually so you just have to suck it up and do it the first time.  It feels almost like a challenge or a game, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I win.  Survivor:  Parent Edition…..Today’s challenges:  Chick-fil-a and grocery store by yourself with two kids.

Baby B and I picked Piglet up from school and decided to head to Chick-fil-a for a free ice dream snack and some cool indoor afternoon fun.  Both kids were awesomely behaved.  We sat and ate our snack and then headed into the play area for Piglet to burn off some of that sugar induced energy.  She played well with the other kids – it’s fun seeing her evolve into playing with other kids rather than just around them.  Baby B rested quietly in my lap…until his hind parts began to make some noise (a not so good omen).  I figure I would just change him when we got back to the car.  But then Piglet came down the slide and began doing the potty dance (potty dance = nervously hopping from one foot to the other because she was too distracted by playing to go to the bathroom and now the need to go is really urgent).  While she alternated between doing the potty dance and putting her shoes back on, I lift Baby B up to my shoulder to reveal that that the little noise he was making was no indication of the mess up his side, on his stomach…and on my shirt and shorts.  So off we go to the bathroom to take care of the potty issues.  I put Baby B up on the changing table, then put Piglet up on the potty, then back to Baby B to change his diaper and his clothes.  Then we covered ourselves in hand sanitizer and went back to play a little while longer.

It was then time to go, and Piglet said a sweet “ok” when I told her it was time to go (not a typical terrible two response when told we were leaving a favorite place).  Another good omen, so I decided to push my luck just a little further and head to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner.  That trip was also a success (aside from running the huge car cart into a table because I couldn’t see over Baby B’s seat or steer the massive thing).

Back home, I began to cook dinner while Russ played with the kids.  It was time for Baby B to eat while I was cooking, so I decided to test the good day once more and let Russ try giving him his first bottle.

SUCCESS – It’s good to know that at some point I will be able to be child-free for more than two hours during the day

Feeling extra lucky, we decided to train Piglet so that Russ and I can both leave

Just kidding, we wouldn’t really leave them alone.  Although, Piglet is pretty darn independent and resourceful, I think she could handle it.

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