looney bin

I really thought I was getting the hang of this multiple-child-parenting gig.

Then Piglet got sick.  She wasn’t really sick…just a mystery fever with no other symptoms.  But the fever was enough that she couldn’t go to school on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  Wednesday was my first full day of solo parenting two kids – Russ even had a dinner meeting that night, so it was pretty much ALL DAY solo parenting.  I realize that I have been spoiled having Piglet in school for part of the day while I was on maternity leave, but we wanted to make sure she kept a routine plus she has too much energy to hang out at home all day everyday….and I have too little energy for her to be home all day everyday.  Wednesday went well enough.  Piglet was pitiful and falling asleep on the couch and in my lap, so I knew she didn’t feel good.   Poor Baby B was neglected, only being held when it was time to eat or change his diaper, but he was a trooper.  All in all, the day was a success, there were no major meltdowns, I did my best to keep Piglet away from Baby B and used hand sanitizer when going from one kid to the other because the last thing we need is another trip to the ER.

But yesterday was day three of home-sick-with-two-kids…and I was about to LOSE MY MIND!   We watched Beauty and the Beast 5 (FIVE!) times in three days.  Piglet would not do anything I told her to do because she, like me, was tired of being trapped in our house for the third day in a row and was frustrated with life in general.  She learned that starting a request with “Mommy, I don’t feel good”  helps her chances of getting what she wants (like watching Beauty and the Beast, but especially will you hold me – which is mostly used when I am holding baby B).  She spent TWO HOURS in her room not napping before falling asleep for a whole 30 minutes then waking up crankier than before.  And Baby B became not ok with being the neglected child and demanded more attention, especially when I was fixing Piglet’s lunch or fixing dinner or trying to go to the bathroom.

And a sweet yet frustrating thing was that Piglet missed being able to play with and love on her baby brother.  Every time I told her that she couldn’t touch him, she said, “but I feel better mommy, my head doesn’t hurt anymore” – so sweet.  Note:  this was usually said within a hour of a sad “mommy I don’t feel good, I want…” – girl is getting good at manipulation, but I am on to her and don’t give in if she’s faking it (except when she wants me to hold her, I can’t pass that up).

I was so ready for Saturday and some help.  But then Russ came home from “work” yesterday with a mancold.  I thought today would be another miserable day,  but  Piglet woke up in a great mood after a good night’s sleep, and Russ held it together well, and after he and Piglet napped, we all got out of the house for a fun outing.

One of my favorite parts of the day was when Russ was giving Baby B his paci and Piglet said, “No, daddy you can’t touch him because you don’t feel good; you have germs”  Smart girl – it’s nice to know that even when it seems like she doesn’t hear a thing I say, she is listening.

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