hi ho, hi ho

We went back to our church on Sunday for just the second time since Baby B was born, a trial run of sorts to see if we could make it by ourselves with two kids.   It was great to see everyone and be in the familiar space and to worship without any responsibilities, but it was a big fat reminder that I only had one more week before I would once again be full up with responsibilities.

One church member passed me the peace of Christ, then said “Have you enjoyed your time off?  You really look refreshed” which is an odd comment for a woman with a six week -old and a two year-old.

Does this mean A) I’m really lucky to have a super sweet boy who sleeps well and is really laid back, B) The ninth month of pregnancy was really rough, so the last time this person saw me, I looked really rough so by comparison I look refreshed, C) Being a working mom is exhausting and the break from one job was good for me and therefore I look refreshed, D) Working at this church at this time in its life has been stressful so the break was refreshing, or E) All of the above?

While I’m looking forward to being with these people again and brushing off my ministry hat, I am not so much looking forward to work and the stress and responsibility that comes with it.  This feeling of dread is intensified by the fact that within my first month back, I will be preaching three Sundays, leading Rally Day celebrations, kicking off Sunday School, and kicking off youth group all while holding down the fort while the head of staff goes on a three week vacation.  Oh, and the secretary resigned effective this Thursday, so I’ll be holding down the fort all by my lonesome…all while also taking care of Baby B.  I think I may need to be medicated to get through it…too bad Russ can’t write prescriptions yet.

I am glad that I will be able to bring Baby B with me to work for a while like I did with Piglet, but I am also sad and nervous because just in the past two days he has really started to be aware of his surroundings and interact with me with all sorts of cute oohs and ahhs and smiles and laughs…how I am supposed to get any work done with that going on in my vicinity?!  He is totally content to hang out in his bouncy seat or playmat chatting with the animals and toys, but I will get jealous of the toys and want to play with him myself.

Why does it have to be so hard?  But for good or bad, the time has come…it’s back to work I go…

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