good, bad, and ugly

Today started out not so great, then it was awesome, then it was horrible, then it was good.  I can’t decide whether my first day back at work was a success or not, so I decided to go with the point system and see if it comes out in the positive.

Piglet and Baby B woke up at 5:30 this morning.  -20 points

Piglet went back to bed until 6:10; Baby B went back to sleep with the help of a paci until 6:50.  +10 points

Piglet got up on the WRONG side of the bed and had at least three meltdowns before 8:00. -10 points

Russ and I did not communicate about our morning schedules and wanted to shower at the same time.   I had hoped to leave at 8:00, but wasn’t able to get in the shower until 7:50.  -10 points

Even with the late start, I was at work by 8:30 with all of my baby gear moved in and set up by 8:45.  +15 points

Baby B was an awesome work companion so I had a really productive morning – it actually felt good to get back in the swing of things and feel a sense of accomplishment that didn’t involve cleaning the house.  +15 points

Baby B and I left work and picked up Piglet to head downtown for a hearing screen because hearing loss is one of the possible side effects of the viral meningitis that he had at four days-old.   Our appointment was at 3:15.  We parked in the parking garage and walked over to the hospital.  Piglet was awesome considering the long walk from point  A to B, and we made it to check-in at 3:00.  +20 points (I was actually thinking on the way over there that it had been such a good first day back at work and I started planning out the happy rainbows and butterflies post that I would write about being a working mom).

We got checked in and followed the signs to pediatric audiology by 3:15.  At 3:20, Baby B woke up and decided he wanted to eat.  NOW.  -5 points.  There was another couple in the very tiny waiting room and I didn’t come prepared to be modest, so we made our way to a secluded hallway for Baby B’s meal.  He ate while Piglet played with her stuffed puppy.  +5 points.  Then he spit up on my arm, my shirt, my pants, Piglet’s arm, his arm, and the floor.  -5 points.  Then we went back to the waiting room.  At 3:40, Piglet decided she needed to potty.  The closest bathroom was way down the hall by the elevators.  -10 points.  We got back to the waiting room and had to wait and wait.  -10 points. But Piglet and Baby B were both really good.  +5 points.

At 4:10, we finally get called back.  I thought we would be good to go…both kids were being well behaved.  Baby B was happy and calm because he had a good nap on the way downtown and just had a good meal.  Then the dr. tells me that he has to be asleep for the test.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  This is information that would have been really helpful ahead of time so that I could have planned better.  He had just eaten, so I couldn’t feed him to get him to go to sleep, and he wasn’t really tired because he had been asleep for a while.  GREAT.  So I try my darndest to get Baby B to sleep by rocking and swaying and shhhshing.  But he’s not really one of those babies who likes to be put to sleep, he prefers to chill in his bouncy seat or crib and slowly drift off to sleep, which is normally really handy…but notsomuch in this instance.  And to make the situation more fun, Piglet had had ENOUGH of being calm and quiet and patient by this point and begins to get really rowdy.  When I try to tell her to be quiet and use her whisper voice so Baby B can sleep, she says “NO” and talks even louder.  Every time I tell her to do something, she says “NO”, and  I get more and more frustrated with her and totally embarrassed in front of the doctor who must think I am a horrible parent who can’t control their kid.   -50 points

I was almost in tears because I felt so helpless and out of control.  I was five minutes away from just leaving and not caring what the hearing screen had to tell us when Baby B slowly closed his eyes and went to sleep.  The test only took five minutes and we were out of there.  I made it back to the car, strapped both kids in, put the stroller in the back….then realized that in my haste to leave, I had forgotten to get our parking ticket validated and I didn’t have any cash.  awe.some.  And by awesome, I mean it really sucked and I started crying and trying to call Russ to figure out what I should do, but he didn’t answer.  -25 points.

Option A – Make the 10 minute trek back to the ENT department to get validation

Option B – Try to find an ATM

Option C – Risk it and try to cry and beg and plead for mercy from the parking attendant

I went for Option A and got both kids back out of the car.  The only good thing about this was that Piglet and I had had our come-to-Jesus-meetin’  when we got to the car and she shaped up and was great on the walk back over.   When we make it to the ENT check-in desk, I realized that they closed at 5:00 and there was no one to be found.  It was 5:05.  -25 points

So we went back to the car and decided to go for Option C because there was no way I was dragging two kids all over the hospital looking for an ATM.  I had the tears and excuses ready and was even ready to play the minister card and flash my fancy dancy clergy hospital badge.  We got to the parking attendant and I told our sad story, and she responded simply “We take debit cards now”  +5 points (this might get more points if I wasn’t so darn frustrated at this point).  I had been texting my mom this whole time with updates because she was sitting at out house waiting to take care of the kids while I went to a meeting; when I sent her this update about the debit cards, she responded with “OMG” – the fact that my mom used this phrase = +5 points because it made me smile.

I get to the street and realize that I am leaving through a different side of the garage from where I came in and had no idea where I was.  I sat there trying to figure out whether to go right or left, then realized (thankfully) that it was a one-way street.  Right it was.  I drove for a while hoping that something would look familiar.  Nothing did.  I tried to call Russ for directions since this was his neck of the woods, but he didn’t answer.  -5 points.  Then I remembered I had a navigator on my phone who was able to direct me home. +10 points.

We get back on the interstate and I know where I am.  It was 5:40, I had a meeting at 6:30 at church, but I thought I could still make it.  Then there was rush hour traffic.  But we still made it home by 6:10, but then I remembered that Baby B needed to eat.  Arrive at meeting at 6:40, not too bad considering.  Then I found out the meeting started at 6:00, and I still had spit up on my shirt and pants.  -10 points.

The meeting was actually a series of interviews for our new secretary, which went really well.  +15 points.  We still have to check references and follow-up, but it sure is promising.  So at least the day ended on a high note.

Alright, so if my math is right, the day scores a -80….not so good for the first day back at work and balancing the worlds of mom and minister.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.   It IS the senior fellowship covered dish lunch day, so that’s worth at least 50 points.


4 Responses

  1. I would say the mere fact that you can remember your entire day well enough to allocate all the points means you are doing well! I hope Baby B passed the hearing test AND that the second day back gets more + points 🙂 Hang in there!

  2. oh my! i hope when you got home that night russ was waiting for you with a huge glass of wine and a gigantic bowl of ice cream!

    i have such a similar story. but my only involved one child! it happened when sera was a baby, and i did everything you did. called patrick and cried and begged him to help me somehow, cried some more…

    hang in there girl!

    hope he passed the hearing test!

  3. Right, the hearing screen. He did pass – all is well. They want us to come back in 6 months for an “awake test” because there is a chance for a progressive hearing loss related to the virus. but I made the appointment for the morning when Piglet will be in school. For some reason, they only did this particular kind of hearing test in the afternoon, so I didn’t have that option this time. Anyway – Baby B passing his test is worth a good +25 points.

    And when I did finally make it home, Russ and my mom rushed outside to get the kids so I could just go inside. Good help and the ability to tag out of the game for a moment = +25 points.

    So now we’re only at -30 for the day – things aren’t SO bad after a night of sleep and some perspective.

  4. Just know that this kind of a day is only something a mommy can handle 🙂 and I say that even though Justin has done a phenomenal job when he’s had both kids but things always run smoother and less chaotic when I do it. No one ever tells you just how hard it is juggling two kids, work and doctor appts. It does get better though! I promise. You should be proud you made it through the day in one piece! 🙂

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