Foul Play

I have written before about how our house/yard often feels like a farm.

A mother duck adopted our backyard this Spring, made a nest and laid a bunch of eggs.

I think we counted 14.  It was weird…she would lay an egg each day rather than laying them all at once.  Piglet and I would check on her everyday to see if the eggs had hatched.  Then, of course, they hatched while we were out of town for a week so we missed the baby ducks.

I was excited when she came back a few weeks ago and laid another batch of eggs.  And we started watching again.  Then last night, I couldn’t sleep so I came out to the couch.  I had just fallen asleep when I heard a loud thud that woke me up.  A few seconds later I heard the frantic flapping of wings.  I wasn’t sure what had happened, but then this morning Russ called me over to the window to see the dead mother duck surrounded by tons of feathers indicating a serious struggle.  I was so sad.  I went out to check on the eggs…one was broken but the rest looked OK.  I wish I knew what to do with them.  I had grown attached to this mother bird and all her kids.

And it appears that our backyard is quite unlucky for birds this week.  I walked outside on Monday to find a nest with three tiny eggs that had fallen out of the tree.

So sad.

3 Responses

  1. sad…

    your local humane society might be able to tell you what to do…the one in MD has incubators for such instances…

  2. what killed the momma chicken? 😦

    • I don’t know…and the weird thing is that this morning before I left for work, I glanced outside and saw that the duck was gone.

      I sent Russ a message to see if he had “handled it” like I’d asked, but I was pretty sure I would have noticed him doing that. AND he hadn’t. So maybe whatever killed it finished it off – but so weird that it’s just gone, and we have a pretty high fence.

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