Russ starts his psych rotation next, which is probably a good thing because I’m pretty sure Piglet is showing the early signs of schizophrenia.

The other day, I had taken her to the potty and she was being really cute and was dressed really cute with really cute pigtails, so I said, “you’re a cutie patootie”  which she usually thinks is funny and says “no, you’re a cutie-a-tootie”.  But this time she said, “no, I’m just a mommy; when I’m Piglet, I’m a cutie-a-tootie”

She has developed the following personalities that are dinstinct and completely independent of each other, but can all be active within a 30 minute time span:  mommy, princess, angel, dog and Piglet.   And she will correct you if you wrongly identify her current personality.

Mommy – as a mommy, she takes very good care of her “baby” which is most often a stuffed animal rather than a baby doll.  She doesn’t name her babies; she just calls them “baby” except for one doll who is known as “crying baby”.  She makes fake crying noises and then responds to the baby’s needs.  She takes them for walks around the house in her little stroller; she feeds them; talks to them; bathes them, puts them in time out; rocks them; and lays them face down and covers their whole body (including their head) with a blanket when they are sleeping.  As mommy she wears regular clothes and often carries a purse and talks on the phone.

Princess – She is a princess whenever she is wearing a dress, skirt, or tutu along with her princess shoes and a headband.  She likes to dance with her prince (daddy).

Angel – She is an angel whenever she is wearing a towel on her head.  Not sure why.  There was a week stretch when she insisted on wearing a towel on her head to bed.  I put a stop to that when I noticed via the video monitor that the towel was pretty tightly covering her face.

Dog – As a dog, she crawls around and makes a really annoying yippy dog bark noise and pants.  Sometimes dog Piglet carries towels and/or blankets in her mouth.  She also tries to lick us and the floor.  We try to prevent this, but are not always successful.  This is probably a contributing favor to her recent illness.

Piglet – Piglet wears regular clothes and is a cutie-a-tootie.


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