who’s on first

Piglet is getting herself dressed every morning these days…which is sometimes cute and sometimes funny.

She is BIG on matching, but she does not yet understand coordinating colors or the fact that most anything goes with khaki or denim.  So this means that she will wear a pink shirt with pink shorts even if the pinks don’t really go together, but she has to be convinced to wear the same pink shirt with jean shorts.  It’s a bit maddening.  I have started puting shirts and shorts together as outfits in her drawers, so it’s gotten a little better.

Yesterday, she picked out a cute gamecock shirt that was hanging in her closet and therefore didn’t have shorts paired with it yet.

Piglet:  I want Cocky shorts to match my Cocky shirt.

Russ:  We don’t have any Cocky shorts.  Here, try these khaki shorts – that will look good.

Piglet:  No, those aren’t Cocky shorts.

Russ:  I know, they’re khAAki shorts.

Piglet:  No, they’re not Cocky shorts, I want to wear Cocky shorts to match my shirt.

Russ:  But we don’t have Cocky shorts.  Put these on.

The frustration of this kind of circular conversation represents life in general right now.  I’m busy, lots of work is being done, lots of words are being said but somehow I don’t seem to be getting  anywhere or getting anything done, not checking anything off my list.

I would like a maternity leave encore, please.


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  1. Would a pair of cocky shorts make your life any easier? THAT I can do! If it makes you feel any better, nothing gets checked off my list either… every night I go to bed wondering what exactly I got done that day… It’s a vicious cycle! Good luck!

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