Father Time

and I are not friends.  I could really use an extra day (or four) this week.  Time is moving far too quickly.  I have worked the past 18 days straight, and I don’t see a break in sight until the interim gets back from vacation.  Amazing how when you go on maternity leave, there aren’t little work fairies that do all of your work for you.  I could have sworn I ordered those before I left.

But what’s worse is that while I’m on this hamster wheel at work feeling like I’m getting nowhere, my kids are growing up so fast.  And I feel like I’m missing it.

Baby B was JUST BORN!  And all of a sudden his size 1 diapers and 0-3 Month clothes are getting snug.  How did that happen?!

Baby B at 2 weeks

8lbs 12oz

Baby B at 2 months

12 lbs 11 oz

And Piglet is sleeping in panties (has been dry all night for two months).  One day, she said, “Mommy, I’m not a baby.  I want to sleep in panties.”  OK, then.

She uses very sound reasoning; she’s too smart for her own good (at least too smart for our own good).  The other day, she told Russ that she wanted to go to to a restaurant to get a brownie.  He told her that they needed money to go to a restaurant.  And she responded “We can go home and I can get money from my piggy bank and then we can go to a restaurant to get a brownie”  Surprisingly, he was strong and resisted.

She has also requested a shower instead of a bath every night this week.

Yesterday, she called me “mom” – not “mama” or “mommy” but “mom”.

And I think she has a birthday coming up, but I’m in denial that she will be THREE.  Because I feel like SHE was JUST BORN, too.

2 Responses

  1. well, at least your kids don’t have lice.

    yes, you read that right.

    oh yeah, i have it too.


  2. I agree…they are growing up too fast! Piglet is getting too smart for me. She may get me into trouble.

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