I feel like fall happened over night.  One day we were sweating in shorts and the next it was too chilly for shorts.  While I welcome this change in weather and wardrobe requirements (my fall/winter work clothes are much more forgiving for the post two baby belly), the kids are not taking it so well.

Baby B is wore long sleeves for the second time in his life yesterday. and socks.  He is not a fan of me jamming his arm all the way through a sleeve – he much prefers the short version.  And I have gotten accustomed to changing his diaper quite quickly since he’s been in a onesie most everyday of his 44 days, but now I have to deal with lots of snaps or taking his pants off.   Geez.

It’s amazing how with such a long HOT summer, you forget what it feels like to be cold.  Piglet has been getting clothes out of her “shorts and t-shirts” drawer for seven to eight months now…the pants in her “pants” drawer are 24 months for heaven’s sake!  So imagine the “you want me to wear what?!” expression I got yesterday as I told her that she needed to wear pants to school.  But she finally did put on a pair of pants that were a bit high-waterish, but after they were on, I wasn’t about to ask her to change again.  It already took some creative convincing and some minor yelling to get her in the pants in the first place…not so much fun when you’re in a hurry in the morning.

I realized when I got to work that I should have just let her go in the clothes she wanted to prove that I was right when she got cold…but then again if she’s anything like me (which she is exactly actually), then she would never admit to being cold and would keep on wearing whatever she wanted to prove me wrong.

But this morning when she resisted pants again, I stripped her down to her undies, and we walked outside.  I said “see, it’s cold outside”.  She said, “it’s chilly” and went right into her room and put on a pair of pants without another word.

I felt a bit like a genius.

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  1. It seems like genius to me! BTW, if you are in need of any 3s for fall, I just packed up all the gooses clothes from last fall/winter… the long-legged, long-armed, big bellied child is already in 4s, so we will be happy to share 🙂

  2. Hmmm….maybe I should have tried that trick when you refused to wear a coat….or shoes other than rainbows ….you never would admit you were cold:-)
    She actually said “chilly”? She cracks me up. Sounds like Grammy needs to go shopping:-)

  3. that’s awesome! a parenting skill i will remember for the future!

  4. love it. we have been playing that same scene at our house too. it made me laugh and feel better that i wasn’t alone. and tomorrow we are headed outside in undies. well, not we, but micah at least.

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