Can you tell what this is?


That’s right, it’s a strawberry.  Drawn by my kid!  She is a master of drawing circles, ovals, and abstract curvy objects.  She sits in the car with her magnadoodle and draws something, then decides what it looks like and declares “I drew a snake!” or “I drew a snail!”  Most of the time it’s a stretch.

But this weekend, she drew an abstract curvy object and first declared “It’s a shoe!”  Then she thought about it some more, drew some “leaves” and declared “It’s a strawberry!”  And by golly – it was very clearly a strawberry.  I suggested she make some polka dots for the seeds, and she did (even keeping all of the dots inside the abstract curvy object).

It’s definitely on our refrigerator.

She’s moving up to a new class in a week.  I think it’s because of her artist genius.  (Or maybe because she turns three next week, one of the two).

One Response

  1. When she was making the dots, she said, “oh, no, that dot is outside the circle.” (there is one seed slightly outside of the line) She seemed to think she had ruined her picture. I told her it was ok….that seed just fell off.

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