I haven’t been blogging much lately…it’s been a bit crazy trying to settle back into work with the added hurdles of training a new secretary by myself and the head of staff being out for three weeks and preaching three times in a month and rally day and youth group kick-off.  But I also have kids who have been keeping me entertained and making sure I don’t get completely absorbed in work.

Piglet got to come to the PYC pool party, which she thought was pretty awesome.  A pool + her friends + watermelon + cocky helmet = FUNTIMES

A few weeks ago, Russ got a call from his 96 year-old aunt.  She said that the oldest resident at her retirement home had just died, so now she was the oldest.  She wanted to give some things away while she was still able to do so and wanted us to come.  So we did – it was a miserable 6-hour round-trip with two cranky kids, but still well worth it in the end.  Last week, we were talking to Piglet about her birthday and how she would be older.  She said, “No, I’m not old, Grammy is”  (HA!)  We asked her who the oldest person in our family was.  First, she said “Grammy” (sorry, mom)…but then she said, “No, my great great aunt is!”

The day after visiting Aunt Rebecca, we loaded back in the car for Baby B’s first football game…I think the excitement was a bit much for him

Piglet is currently at her third game this season – she LOVES football. (and her daddy)

After not raining for several weeks, it rained A LOT all at once…Piglet was pretty excited because she got to wear her super cool rainboots!

The kids are learning to play together, though I don’t think Baby B is too sure of his sister being IN his playmat.

Baby B has been growing and getting cuter ever day.  He thinks watching football with his dad is pretty groovy.

Today was DPC’s second annual Dorchester Serves Day.  We started things off with worship and communion.  This morning, Piglet wanted to stand with me, which I thought was pretty cool.

So that’s a quick summary of the blogs that would have been if there had been time (and if I didn’t fall asleep at 8:30 every night).


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