three months

*I started writing this last week, when Baby B was actually 3 months old and not 3.5 months*

Forgive me readers, for it has been 15 days since my last post.  I really miss blogging because I can’t afford therapy.  It’s been another crazy few weeks.  But all in all good.  I hope to be able to  catch up on the exciting things we’ve been doing (and some of the not-so-exciting, but still good “life” moments).

But for now, I am overwhelmed by how much in love I am with a boy who I’ve only known for three months.

He is just the happiest, sweetest thing you will ever meet in your life.  I keep waiting for the day when he decides he’s a regular baby who fuses and has lots of demands.   But for now, he just chills.

Since he changes so much, I thought I’d record another update on him at three months and a few days to follow up my post on his update at seven weeks and one day old.

He is awake more and more each day and just likes to play.  He’s started grabbing at the toys that hang from his swing, bouncy seat, and play mat.  He is learning how to make them move, make noise, play music, or light up.  He also like to reach up and grab my face and smile (then my heart melts)

He’s very social and really responds to people and their facial expressions.  It’s not hard to get a smile out of him.  He thinks his daddy is especially funny.  The downside of his new socialness is that he doesn’t like being alone for long.  He doesn’t particularly care who is with him (though I am his favorite companion), but if he can’t see or hear anyone, he starts to yell until he has company again.

His favorite song is Skinnamarink.  He can be fussing because I’m changing his diaper when he’s ready to eat, but when I sing this, he just smiles and laughs.  Every time.  Piglet likes to sing her version to him as well – hers goes “skinnamarink-y-rink-y-donk”

When he does cry, it truly sounds like he’s saying “mama…weh….mama…..weh”.  But most of the time when he’s expressing his discontent, he yells or grunts at random intervals.

He still loves his sister.  His eyes follow her wherever she goes.  The other day, I was in getting ready and she decided she wanted to play with him as he sat in the bouncy seat in the bathroom floor.  So there they sat, enamored with each other, playing and laughing.  And I got to get ready in peace with both kids entertained where I could see them.

He is getting so so big.  He is already fitting snugly into his 3-6 month clothes.  It’s happening way to fast for my liking.

3 Months – 14.5 lbs


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