I’ve learned an awful lot about myself and kids (in particular MY kids) and life and being a grown-up since becoming a mother.  While a lot of that knowledge is very useful and enlightening, some is just a bit disconcerting.  I’ve been struck by a few learnins this weekend.

For example, did you know that instant oatmeal when dried because akin to cement?  I learned this whilst scraping oatmeal off of our table with a knife because a mere dishcloth was NO match for it’s cement-like properties.  Oatmeal is the breakfast of choice for Piglet, so I do this a lot – not everyday mind you, but whenever it builds up to a point when it’s just disgusting.  If that’s what oatmeal does on a table, what does it do on your insides?

Also, did you know that peas and cheerios when left on the floor after being cooked or in a bowl of milk (respectively) shrivel up into rock hard objects…really like pebbles.  Again, if that’s what happens on the floor, what does it do on your insides?

Going to the grocery store by yourself is like a mini-vacation.

Laundry does not increase proportionally with the addition of each family member, but rather exponentially.   Back in the day, I did one (MAYBE two) loads of laundry a week, for two people and now I have done six loads of laundry so far this weekend.  As much as I love looking at all of the cute clothes, I’m really tired of folding and sorting and putting away.  (Plus, Russ’ clothes are not all that cute).

And the saddest thing I’ve learned is that the “fall back” promise of an extra hour of sleep does not exist for parents of young children with insanely accurate internal alarm clocks.  Perhaps I can begin to get excited about the extra hour of the day because really that’s what I get, and frankly on Sunday mornings, that’s not a bad thing.


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