Poker Face

Each time we go out to eat with the kids, Russ and I say to each other “NEVER AGAIN!”.  And for the most part, we stick to our oath…and as a result, our “eating out” budget is inversely proportional to the number of kids we have.  But occasionally, we have a lapse in judgment and our desire for food that is not soup or frozen pizza or pancakes trumps reason.

Tonight was one of those lapse in judgment nights.  I had been home for the better part of two days with two kids, one of whom was sick, and needed to get out of the house.  So we went to Target after the time of day that was supposed to include a nap, and Russ met us there after work.  So, we figure we were already out.  AND some student loan money was just deposited in our account.  AND we told ourselves that we were celebrating the fact that Russ got honors* for his Family Medicine Rotation. (NOTE to future selves – going to dinner with both kids is NOT a worthy means of celebration)

ANYWHO…we went out to eat at a place where the food didn’t come fast and was also without a playground.  It started out pretty well.  Piglet ordered for herself a “kid’s mi-ilk” and “grilled cheese and french fries”.  But during the wait for our food, she began to do what she does best…”not listening”.  After a few futile attempts at getting her to sit still and not put her feet in the air or on the table,  I took her outside for a good old fashioned talkin’ to.  I sat her on the bench and asked, “do you want to sit out here by yourself or come inside and eat with mommy and daddy?”

I was so sure she would say that she wanted to stay inside with us because she is not one to want to leave us and it was cold outside.  But that smart girl called my bluff and said, “I want to stay outside”  So I said, “OK”, feeling I needed to follow through on my threat.

I then found a spot in the lobby where I could see her but she couldn’t see me.  She sat, and I stood while a few parties came and a few others left…all looking confusedly at the cute little girl sitting by herself on the bench.   One guy did ask “Who does that little girl belong to?”  I claimed her and said, “she called my bluff” and rather than judge, he looked at her then me, and said “Good for you!”

After a few minutes, she did hop down and started softly crying “mommy?  mommy?”

So I went back outside and we talked about how to behave at the table.  She calmly walked back into the restaurant, sat down at the table, tucked her napkin into her shirt, and began eating her dinner.  I thought I had succeeded, but 15 minutes minutes later, she was all over the place again.



*MUSC has a pass/fail grading system.  But if you are super awesome, you get honors. Apparently Russ is super awesome at Family Medicine.


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  1. Sorry, but I laughed out loud! I just love your little girl and your stories.

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