Morning Fail

I had caffeine at dinner last night and didn’t go to sleep until after 11:00 pm.  This proved to be a very bad decision.

12:30 am – Baby B wakes up and cries for 15 minutes before going back to sleep

1:00 am – Piglet walks into our room saying that her pants are wet.  So is her bed.  I rig the bed so that I don’t have to completely take everything off in the middle of the night, but that Piglet can sleep in a dry bed.

1:25 am – crawl back in bed

1:27 am – Baby B wakes up, ready to eat.  Whine.  Feed baby.

1:40 am – crawl back in bed

4:30 am – Baby B wakes up crying again (I think my dinner caffeine is having a bad effect on both of us)

4:40 am – Russ gets up and starts getting ready for the day.  We are not a fan of his current rotation.

4:45 am – Piglet walks in the room saying that her brother woke her up.

4:50 am – get Baby B back to sleep.  Try to get Piglet back to sleep.

5:00 am – get in bed with Piglet, hoping to get her to fall back asleep.

5:30 am – Hear Russ’ car pull out of the driveway…I am alone with the madness.

6:00 am – Piglet still awake.  Leave and lock her door.  Call Russ to cry.

6:05 am – Baby B wakes up.  Won’t stop crying even when I’m holding him.

6:10 am – Total break-down.

6:30 am – Finally give in and feed Baby B.

6:45 am – Shower.

7:05 am – Let Piglet out of her room.  She never went back to sleep.  Try to be positive.  Give her eye drops and Zantac. (the first involves wrestling moves)

7:08 am – Put throw-up clothes and towels from incident occurring before bedtime last night in the dryer.  Put sheets, quilt, blanket, pjs, and mattress pad in washer.

7:10 am – Eat a surprisingly pleasant breakfast with Piglet.  Give her antibiotic.

7:25 am – Notice Baby B smells funny. Change diaper.  Get him dressed.

7:30 am – Potty, brush teeth, get dressed, do cute pigtails with two purple bows.  She may be exhausted, but she’s cute.  Maybe her teacher will be overwhelmed by the cuteness and overlook the grumpiness that will most likely be a part of the morning.

7:45 am – Notice that Baby B smells funny again and that his shirt is soaked.  Change his clothes again.

7:55 am – Get Piglet to get her shoes on.

8:00 am – Think we are actually leaving the house on time.  Notice Baby B has spit up again.  Decide to not care.

8:10 am – Everyone is buckled in and ready to go.  Realize you forgot to pack a lunch.  Decide to not care.

8:15 am – Drop Piglet off at school.  After being home for two days, she clings, and says, “Mommy, can you hold me?”

8:20 am – Back in the car and head to work.

8:25 am – Settle in the office and try to catch up on work not done over the past two days whilst home with sick child.  SO TIRED.

8:35 am – Realize it is the day of the Presbyterian Women’s meeting.  Mood turns around.  Morning is productive.

10:15 am – Go to PW meeting.  Other people hold Baby B to give my arms a break.  I even got enough snacks to count as lunch.  Awesome.  I love my job.

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  1. No caffeine tonight and go to bed as soon as the kids do:-)

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