3 or 83?

I think the Flinstones vitamins and the fact that most meds are in liquid form give the answer away, but it is pretty ridiculous how many medicines Piglet is taking – it’s hard to keep them straight.

Vitamins – once a day with breakfast

Zantac – 2.8 ml twice a day, 30 minutes before meals – for Reflux

Zyrtec – 1 tsp before bed – for allergies

Antiobiotic – 4ml every 12 hours – for ear/sinus infection

Vigamox – one drop in each eye, three times a day – for pink eye

At least yesterday was the last day for eye drops, Piglet, who used to lay calmly down in the floor for eye drops now screams and flails about, which means I basically have to sit on her to get the drops in.  It’s really fun.  And somehow, Russ, the “doctor” always delegates the eye-dropping to me.

I’m afraid that Piglet is becoming a bit of a hypochondriac because she always says, “I don’t feel good – I need some medicine”  or “I’m sick, I need to go see Dr. Drew”.

We’ve created a monster – a drug monster.

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  1. Cut Piglet a little slack—who WOULDN’T want to see Dr. Drew? He’s awesome! 🙂

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