=Originally written on January 9=

Today was the first day with our new pastor.  It was pretty fantastic.  I almost cried twice (well,my eyes welled up one of the times and I had to bite my tongue to keep from completely losing it, so I guess I really cried once and almost cried once).  While he was preaching, I got this overwhelming sense that he just fit…like he had been part of our church family forever.  I could feel the hand of God in all the things that have happened over the past four and a half years (and even before) that brought us all to this place.

Then while I was singing a hymn that I knew by heart, I was looking around the congregation (that grew by about 50 people today) and could see people smiling- seeing the people who have brought us through the hard times with vision and passion – seeing the people who haven’t been a while but were ready to recommit to being a part of the church family – seeing the regular visitors who have kept coming over the past few months even though we’ve been in transition   I could feel the excitement in the congregation. I could sense the Holy Spirit moving and calling us all into this new time together.

My cup runneth over…Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


It’s funny to me how finding a new pastor is like dating.  The PNC (Pastor Nominating/Search Committee) made church profile about us and posted it to the PCUSA website.  Then it gets matched with pastors who have filled out personal profiles.  Just like eHarmony, right?!  Then the PNC gets to see their matches and rate them, talk to some of them on the phone, video chat with others, and then decide which ones they want to meet in person.  Then they make their choice and propose (or, you know, extend a call).  If accepted, you get married.

And I realized something this morning:  just as when you find the person you want to marry, they aren’t perfect (sorry Russ), but they are perfect for you…the PNC’s task is not to find the perfect pastor, but to find the perfect fit for the time and place and people they will serve.  I think our PNC really did that…they went out and found a pastor who was a perfect fit for our church for our time.  It’s pretty incredible.

I just hope all the excitement and anticipation doesn’t set people up to put him on any pedestal or to expect perfection or for him to immediately fix everything that’s wrong….though I have given him my list of things that need fixing.  Just kidding.  Kind of.


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  1. like eHarmony… LOVE IT!!!!!!

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