I am a little mushy these days…just truly overwhelmed by all there is to be grateful for.   Like my family, church, friends (who are like family).  I had my appointment with the second opinion surgeon today.  I am truly thankful that Russ is in med school and therefore working at this great hospital and on his OB rotation working with a gyn-onc surgeon who knew the surgical oncologist who is DA BOMB.  Not only was he great, but every single person – nurses, NPs, techs, check-in people, financial counselors – was super nice and helpful…explaining everything and being very reassuring.  After my appointment, they sent me over to pre-op for blood work, an EKG, and to talk with the prep nurse and anesthesia np.  While there, three different people offered me a drink.

I know I’m in good hands.  Surgery is scheduled for NEXT Thursday at MUSC.  They can’t do it laproscopically because of the size and just to make sure they don’t let any of the fluid leak.  I’ll be in the hospital for 3-4 days, then home to grammy care for at least two weeks before I’m able to take care of myself and the kids.  I still won’t be able to lift Taylor for a while, so I’ll have to do some creative parenting.   I’m a little bummed about the wait, but totally worth it to be cared for by the best.


Have I said that our new pastor is great?  He is.  Today, I was cracking some (probably bad) joke about how I would be spending a lot of time on the couch in the next few weeks and how I’m not really good at sitting.  He said…”You know I think this thing (meaning my cyst) is stress…I was thinking about that e-mail you sent me about all the transition you’ve been through here, plus the two babies, and Russ in medical school…that’s a lot of stress.”

He then pointed out how in Psalm 23, it says “He MAKES ME LIE DOWN in green pastures” and tells me that I need to actually take the time off when I’m recovering.  Which is going to be really hard.  I’m not a sitter….I don’t sit still long.  There’s always something that needs doing.  And if I don’t do it, no one will.  (I know that’s not actually true, mostly)

PLUS, if I’m really gone for a few weeks, he might realize that he doesn’t need me.  And I need to be needed.

But he insisted and gave me a stress inventory thing.  It said that if you scored higher than 200, you were over you stress threshold and needed to take some time to evaluate and fix things.  I scored a 380.  Let’s recap the last 5 years:

2006 – Graduate from seminary, Russ start taking undergrad science courses, live with parents for a summer, apply and interview for jobs, start first real job, buy first house (a fixer-upper)

2007 – Still learning first job, pastor has knee replacement surgery and is out for 6 weeks, Russ finish undergrad science courses, works as ER tech and takes MCAT, get ordained, have baby

2008 – pastor of 33 years retires, solo for 5 months, Russ starts med school, BAD interim starts

2009 – bad interim gets worse and is let go, new interim, secretary of 15 years retires

2010-  new secretary, let custodian of 12 years go, new custodial service, pastor has knee replacement surgery and is out for 6 weeks, have baby, new secretary doesn’t work out, new secretary #2, interim pastor leaves, finish CE certification exam

2011 – new pastor begins, FOOTBALL CYST

Thank you God, I’ll take the hint…I’ll rest.  Maybe.  A friend posted this link about doing nothing on facebook…I couldn’t do it.  FAIL popped up within the first 15 seconds.  I’m going to try again after I post this.

Opposite of FULL

Just to make sure I win the weight loss challenge, I am fasting for two days.  TWO DAYS.  before my surgery.  I am really not exciting about the clear liquid diet leading up to the surgery…really not excited.  I really like to eat.  I’m going to be really hungry.

10 Responses

  1. I know it’s going to be hard for you to just sit , relax, and take care of yourself! but, I REALLY hope you realize you deserve and. and are worth it.

    you should totally head to barnes and nobel for stock up and some good FUN books to read while you are TAKING TIME FOR YOURSELF TO RECOVER! if you need advice on some good books hit me up! I already have a mental list of some that you should totally read!

    or, you could just play Wii from the couch 🙂

  2. Watch some guilty pleasure shows on the internet! You could also teach Taylor to play some new board games. Do you have Candy Land?

    I don’t know why I’m giving you advice. What I really want to say is that we love you, and hope for health and rest and some lower stress in the future. You do totally deserve it.

  3. Glad you found a surgeon you really like. Sorry they can’t do it less invasively, but I know you have great people to take care of you once you get home. I’m praying for your quick and restful recovery!

  4. How did you do the second time on the “do nothing”? I failed, too. I’ll try again…

  5. Beer is a clear liquid.

  6. Oh, Dorothy. This is so hard – but God works in all things for the good of those who love him. You will be wonderful. And rested. And cared for. And you can’t stop us! *evil laugh*

    Also. Did Pops just say that beer is a clear liquid? I think I just spit out my coffee from laughing 🙂

  7. I am so sorry you are having to go though all fo this. Good luck on your surgery. If you need anything while you are in the hospital (starbucks, magazines, anything at all) just let me know. I am on service in February and will pretty much be living here!

  8. I love my dad. I think that would be a great way to cope with the stress…beer on an empty stomach.

    Thanks everyone for the prayers and suggestions.
    Rachel – I was thinking about getting Taylor the game Operation…hahaha…would that be traumatic?

    Julie – thanks so much. Russ starts his peds rotation in 2 weeks, perhaps you’ll get the chance to tell him what to do!

    Mom – I did try again and made it, but I was kind of watching TV at the time, so I think that’s cheating.

    Margie – I’m a little nervous about the evil laugh – what are you planning to do to me?

  9. Hey – Do you know what time you’ll be having the football extraction?

    • No, they make the OR schedule the day before, so I’ll get a call by 4:00 on Wednesday telling me what time my surgery is….kind of puts a kink in my OCD/Type A planning.

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