half year

Caleb was 6 months old on Saturday.  That’s just crazy.  He has been the joy of my life.  He is just the sweetest, happiest, best baby boy ever.  EVER.  really.  I took him to a gathering of ministers today (AKA the old white men’s club), and he just chilled for the whole two hours, smiling and laughing and charming everyone in the room.

And that’s especially remarkable since we came straight from his six month well visit and three shots.

At six months old:

-He is 16 lbs, 2 oz and 27.5 inches long.

-He is growing a very stylish mohawk to go with his preppy sweater vest and khakis.

-He is rolling over (FINALLY) – he was a bit lazy with this and took a little longer than most.  I think it’s because he hated laying down and never got to practice.  He much prefers to be sitting in his bumbo/bouncy seat/exersaucer/johnny jump up so he can see everything that’s going on.

-He is almost sitting up on his own.  He can sit for a few minutes while playing with a toy, but when he gets tired or distracted he tips over.

-He eats everything I put in his mouth.  He has been on Stage 2 baby food for a few weeks.  He is very impatient.  As soon as I put him in the high chair, he is ready to eat.  And if I delay at all, he loses it.  So I have to have bib, food, and spoon at hand before I put him in.

-He is starting to eat puffs.  It’s hilarious watching him trying to pick them up and eat them himself.  He’s only done it a few times successfully…but the attempts keep him occupied in his high chair while we eat.

-He has a great belly laugh.  He is ticklish on his tummy and feet and neck.  He loves to be lifted up above your head.  He thinks it’s HI-larious.

-He sleeps through the night – HALLELUJAH!  Last night he slept for 12.5 hours!

-He takes 3-4 good naps a day.

-He only sleeps when swaddled…not sure how that’s going to go now that he can roll over and is starting to sit up.  How long can you swaddle a baby?

-He is a people person and does not like being alone.  He fusses whenever he’s left by himself in a room.  As soon as anyone comes back in, he smiles a big smile.

-Watch out, he spits.  One of the church members was babysitting for me one day and was whistling to him.  He kept trying to put his lips together to copy him, but instead of whistling, he just spits.  He is quite amused with himself, even with drool all over his chin.

I love him a lot.

2 Responses

  1. He is SO cute!! The pictures really show off his stylish hair-do;-) I love him a lot, too…

  2. What a handsome young man! I want to see him more. As for the swaddling question … I fully plan to swaddle Ry until she is in Kindergarten 🙂 I highly recommend a move to the sleep sack so his arms can be free but he still feels all warm and cozy. I may recruit Grammy to make them in larger sizes to grow with Ry. She can do them in gender neutral colors and we can pass them to Caleb.

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