it’s complicated

Kids sure do complicate things.

I have quite the headache trying to arrange  everything for my upcoming surgery and hospital stay.  The logistics are totally stressing me out more than the surgery itself (perhaps that’s a good thing).   Who’s going to take Taylor to school.  Who’s going to pick her up?  Who’s going to watch Caleb?  Who’s going to pick Taylor up early if something happens (like she’s sick)?   What time are said takers and picker-uppers going to do said taking and picking up?  What do I need to include on the schedule? What important phone numbers do I need to include in THE NOTEBOOK?  Do I have enough food in the house for Taylor and Caleb?  What are the takers and picker-uppers and watchers going to eat?  Do Caleb and Taylor have enough clean clothes?  What about diapers?  Have I paid the preschool bill?  Have I paid the power bill?  Did I close the car door?


Russ asked me everyday last week if I brought coffee home (we get fair trade coffee from the church).  I forgot every day.  My brain was too full and refused to retain the information “get coffee”.  Much to Russ’ dismay.  So he had to get it himself yesterday.

Geez.  BUT I think we’ve gotten it all figured out.  But man, it wasn’t easy.  We have had a lot of offers for help, so it’s not like I was worried that it wouldn’t all be taken care of, but just trying to plan everything was/is difficult.  I just don’t want Taylor to be abandoned at school (It happened to me once – it’s very sad).

4 Responses

  1. So. Under. Stand.

    And this is why we never go anywhere.

  2. Are you talking about the time I was on the phone with someone and lost track of time and the dance teacher brought you home?…guilt….that’s the only time I could think of….
    You know, I do know how to run the washer and dryer and there’s a Food Lion around the corner from you. Please don’t worry about that stuff…
    We can always use paper towels and a bread bag if we run out of diapers….remember that?

  3. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDEEEEE. I told you to tell me if you wanted me to come on Thursday. I am capable of picking kids up from school. DO IT EVERY DAY. I can cook simple foods for kids (or take them to McDonalds). I can go to the grocery store. I don’t judge mess and I don’t charge. I’M. YOUR. SISTER.

    I will be there Saturday. Tell me what to do.

  4. Mom – yes, that was the time. If only I had a cell phone. or if you did.

    Kathryn – everything is covered. no worries. On Saturday, all I want you to do is love my kids when I can’t be there.

    And I think I want to get all of this taken care of because in the midst of a lot of things I can’t control, I CAN control how clean my house is and how many diapers we have. I’m not working tomorrow of Wednesday because I have my prep and figure being in public for long periods of time will not be a good idea, so I’ll have plenty of time.

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