It has been nine days since my surgery, and things are going very well.  I am down to one pain pill per dose now (as opposed to two)  and am getting around pretty well.  I still feel it when I test my limits though.  It’s amazing how many things you use your abs for – like blowing your nose and rolling over and getting out of bed and talking sternly to your three year-old (not yelling, I don’t yell) and laughing and picking up a measly burp cloth from the ground.  Holy moly.

There have been some pros and definitely some cons about recovery:

Pro – Spending lots of quality time with my mom and Caleb.  If you’ve ever read my blog before then you know that Grammy is the best and we don’t know what we would do without her.  But in addition to being the best and being a life saver, she’s also fun to hang out with…though I do with she would make me laugh a little less.  Also, if you’ve ever read my blog, you know that Caleb is the cutest best baby ever.  He’s so much fun, but again, I wish he would make me laugh a little less.


Pro – Dinner shows up warm and delicious (and with dessert) at my house every night at 5:30 pm.  I will be very sad when this ends.  But at least we’ll have leftovers to carry us through another week.

Con – In addition to my abs hurting when I try to use them (I have no pain when I’m still), my left wrist hurts pretty good where my IV infiltrated (noticed one day in the hospital that it was starting to swell, so they had to take it out and redo it somewhere else to add yet another hole to my right arm).  Also, my right hand/wrist/arm looks like I got beat up from all the IV/blood draw attempts.

Pro – I get to take a nap whenever I want.

Con – I passed out yesterday morning.  That was a little scary.  We think I was a little dehydrated and got out of bed too fast.  I saw in the monitor that Taylor was climbing on top of her head board and jumped up to get her to get down. (probably the fasted I had moved in a week).  The next thing I remember I was sitting on the floor outside her room and my butt and head hurt.  It took me a while to figure out why I was on the floor.  Poor Taylor was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at me strangely…I guess that was one way to get her attention.

Pro – I can’t do laundry.  Poor Grammy has to do at least a load a day to keep up with 5 people, one of whom spits up ALL THE TIME.

Con -I can’t wear real pants because of the swelling/pain.  I can’t wear a bra because of my incision.  (hmmm….maybe this is a pro – I can’t really go in public and feel good about myself, but it is mighty comfortable)

Pro – I lost 15 pounds in a week (clear liquid diet Tuesday – Saturday + 8 lb cyst removal + low appetite Sunday – Tuesday).  Though I don’t recommend this at a weight loss technique.  It’s not worth it.

Con – I have an 8 in incision from the bottom of my sternum to my belly button.  It’s not pretty.  And Taylor keeps asking to see it…even when we are in public.

Pro – There are lots of pretty flowers in my house.  And it’s not even Valentine’s Day yet.  I love pretty flowers.   (I hope Russ doesn’t think this gets him off the hook).

I could probably go on, but I like leaving things on a positive note.  Life is good.

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  1. Bless your heart girl! Keep looking for the positives!!!

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