the best medicine

Isn’t there a saying about someone/something that is funny “keeping you in stitches”?  Today, I feel like I’ve had the opposite experience.  I have been laughing so hard that I think I may have busted my stitches – side splitting laughter perhaps.  Seriously, my abs are very sore.

First I finally watched this video that’s been posted on facebook by several friends.

Then there was this story about Gerald Dixon and his brother, Gerald Dixon, who are both high school seniors in Rock Hill, SC who have signed to play at USC next year and who play the same position.  Oh yeah, they have the same father, but live with their mothers  who live two miles apart.  You can’t make this stuff up. (yes, I’m a little late on this news)

But by far, the best laughter came from my HILARIOUS daughter…and lucky for you, Grammy and I both had our video cameras ready.  This was the best Valentine’s gift ever.  I love her.

You must take note of her costume:

  • Pink dance costume that belonged to my cousin Mary years ago
  • purple tutu
  • purple tiara
  • pink headband
  • a purple bracelet and pink bracelet for each arm
  • a silly band
  • Tinkerbell watch
  • a heart-shaped ring
  • a red bow (that did actually match her outfit today)
  • TED stockings (that I wore in the hospital to keep me from getting blood clots)

4 Responses

  1. She is special. I love her! I especially love as she does an intense foot shuffle to the left 🙂

  2. That will be PERFECT for her rehearsal dinner! 🙂

  3. that girl has got some moves! 🙂

  4. I love watching this video…about 555 times so far I think. I think we should also note that it was Valentines Day….party at school, special Dunkin Donuts treat from Grammy, and cupcake for dessert….I don’t think the dance would have been the same without the sugar.

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