big boy

Caleb is changing so fast right before our very eyes…

Just yesterday, he got his first tooth AND said “mama” for the first time.  He is sleeping without being swaddled now (he slept 13 hours straight Sunday night!) He’s sitting up and pushing up on all fours…could crawling be far behind?  We’re going to have to do some serious child proofing and hiding of all of Taylor’s tiny toy pieces.

Also, he’s so stinkin’ cute!

Those blue eyes! Those dimples! That (one-toothed) smile!

Grammy realized he bears a likeness to Woodstock…see their matching blond mohawks:

We couldn’t get him on camera saying “mama” (of course) but it was still funny watching him move his mouth trying to imitate us as we tried earnestly.

*can you tell I have just discovered how to edit videos and am a little obsessed?!  so, you can be expecting lots more videos here on the blog

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