First of all, my mom and sister are HILARIOUS

See the resemblance?

I had my follow-up appointment with the surgeon today.  It went well.  Things are healing as they should….though he did warn me to be extra careful getting any sun on it – um….I have a huge incision on top of stretch marks from carrying a 8 lb 9 oz baby and an 8 lb cyst simultaneously; I’m pretty sure my belly will never see the light of day again. ever.

He also told me that I couldn’t play tennis or golf or lift weights.  Bummer.  I asked him when I could start working out, and he asked, “well, what sports do you normally play?”  Me: “um, none”  Him: “Well, then you can continue that”.  I was mainly asking when I could start Pilates because I have a  friend who teaches and who has offered to help me retrain my core when I’m ready….but I’ll have to wait two months and stick to walking a lot until then to work off all the food that people have lovingly brought.

I also asked about the possibility of a recurrence, and he said that there really wasn’t any possibility since having an adrenal cyst in the first place was really rare…so rare in fact that he had never heard of one.  (!)  He is pretty much a rock star surgical oncologist and deals with all kinds of tumors and cysts on a regular basis, yet had never, not once seen or even heard of one like mine.  He then told Russ that it was case reportable, meaning it was so rare that it could be written up for a medical journal or something.  Crazy stuff…my cyst could be famous.

I told my mom and she started googling “adrenal cysts” – one article came up from Europe about a woman who had a 3 cm adrenal cyst…HA!  I mock your 3 cm cyst!  Try 22 cm and 8 lbs.  Mercy.

Also an interesting google discovery: the adrenal glands produce hormones that affect how you handle stress.  Perhaps my boss is a genius.  Russ still says “EH?” about this thing being connected to my stress levels….but it makes sense to me.  I have not been the best at handling stress AND have been under a lot of stress.  It fits.  And now that the cyst is gone, I’m sure that I will be cool as a cucumber and reasonable when it comes to handling stressful situations.  Right?


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