funny kids

There’s a new show coming on Lifetime called Seriously Funny Kids.  I think Taylor should totally be on it.  Here are some of the funny things she has said recently.

When I told her that I was going to go to the hospital so the doctors could take out my cyst, she asked “Is Russ going to do it?” – And that’s not a typo, she did say “Russ”.

She has this bad habit of spitting her drink out.  We think it’s because of a scene in Madagascar when the animals spit out their salt water drinks.  When she does it, she is not allowed to have anything to drink but water for the whole next day.  If she goes the whole day without spitting her drink out, she can have milk and juice the next day.  When I gave her milk for breakfast after a day of water torture, she put her hands on her heart as if I just bestowed upon her the greatest gift of all and said, “You gave me milk?..I get to have milk and juice over and over again?”  The words typed out don’t do the scene justice, the way she said it was just hilarious.

“I’m going to college so I can get married” – When I was pregnant, she started talking about she was going to have a baby in her belly when she was a grown-up and Russ told her she had to go to college and get married first.  She still talks about going to college and getting married all the time.

Taylor’s life is much like the movie Enchanted.  She is a fairytale princess living in this cruel world that doesn’t understand her.  She dances around the backyard singing songs and picking flowers.   Poor Russ asked her if she wanted him to bring out a soccer ball, football, baseball, or none of the above.  She answered, “None of the above”.  Instead she said that she was “picking flowers for her wedding”

Another day, she was picking purple flowers and said that she wanted to carry those purple flowers for her wedding and wear her new purple “crocs” and a purple dress.

And she also picked out her groom.  On the bus on the way to her Publix field trip this morning, she talked about how when Caleb grew up, they would get married.  I had to explain that she can’t marry her brother.  Then on the bus on the way home, she leaned up to the little boy sitting in front of her and said,  “T, I love you”  He got a huge smile on his face and said, “You love me?  Do you want to get married?” And she replied, “Yes, then you could be my prince”

And that my friends was totally worth the five years that the two-hour field trip with 30 3 year-olds took off my life.

Meanwhile, can you hear Russ’ heart breaking?

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