Taylor dresses herself everyday, which is usually a battle…”no, LONG pants”  “no, you cannot wear a dress to school”  “no, you can’t wear flip flops – it’s really cold outside”…but today she put together an ensemble that was priceless….gray striped leggings under a gray skirt with tiny pictures of fruit with a gray shirt with a bejeweled star on the front.

Then I asked her how she wanted her hair (she is very picky about her hair – I can no longer fix it in cute pigtails), and she replied “I want it in a big ponytail on the side”…just to complete the 80s look.

They do say that fashion trends always come back.

5 Responses

  1. Rosie has that shirt! Great minds think alike!

  2. awesome! also, i wish they made adult skirts with miniature fruit on them…kids have all the fun!

  3. The side ponytail is in afterall… at least she didn’t ask you to tease her bangs… THEN you would have been making a major statement 🙂

  4. I love side ponytails! And love Taylor’s sense of style, she is a hoot!

  5. Hey… what’s wrong with teased bangs – jk! I think of y’all whenever I see that commercial where the Dad pulls the white mini-skirt off the clothesline, puts mud on it and then puts it in the bottom of the hamper. Think Russ will be hiding some of her clothes? Ha ha!

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