only a matter of time

Russ played soccer.  in elementary school.  in high school.  in college.  and even in one old man 6v6 league.  Taylor’s uncle Brian played soccer.  in elementary school.  in high school. in college.  and I think he may still play in an old man league.  Taylor’s cousins play soccer, beginning at “micro”.  So it was only a matter of time before she put on tiny pink shin guards and shiny tiny new cleats and her soccer jersey and joined in the family tradition.

We just have to keep reminding ourselves that this is her first season and she is the youngest on her team…all of her teammates have already played a season.  So all things considering, she’s doing just fine. right?

Look at her go!

Not bad for her first game.

SNACK = the best part of the game

Her Team Picture

her look says “I will take you OUT”

her playing says “I’d rather pick these flowers over here”

And you just have to see her in action (and I use the term “action” loosely)…please forgive the videoing skills at the end especially when I had to choose between filming Taylor or the “action”.  I particularly like the head bobble…Grammy says that’s how I used to run – I hope that doesn’t mean she has my lack of athleticism.

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  1. I love it when the coach grabs her hand to run after the ball….I think that’s me chuckling in the background:-D

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