It may just be that I was just punchy from being trapped inside all day with a sick/teething/cranky/non-eating/non-sleeping Caleb, but Taylor was cracking me up this afternoon.

Scene 1

Taylor comes out from behind the couch wearing ONLY a purple tutu and purple crown (no pictures because I think I could get arrested for that) and declared that she was going to work.  Obviously worried about her career choice, I asked her where she was going to work…and she just replied “work”.  But when Russ got home, she said she was going to work at Paneraka, where she would “do weddings”.

Scene 2

At the dinner table.  Taylor finished all of her supper in record time.

Taylor:  Can I have some dessert?
Me:  We don’t have any dessert.  You could have a graham cracker.
Taylor:  Don’t we have a brownie or cookies or cupcakes or something?
Me: No
Taylor:  My friends parents do.
Me:  Sorry.  You could have a marshmallow.
Me:  No, A marshmallow….just one. (they were the jumbo ones)
Taylor:  (enjoys her marshmallow treat) Can I have some more drink?
Me:  Water or milk?
Taylor:  Gatorade.
Me:  No, water or milk.
Taylor:  but why?
Russ:  Because Gatorade has too much sugar and we don’t want to have too much sugar before bedtime.
Taylor:  but why?
Russ:  because you could get diabetes and we don’t want anyone in our family to get diabetes.
Taylor:  But I DO.
Russ:  But if you get diabetes, you could get heart disease or kidney disease or…
Taylor: (laughs hysterically)….KITTY DISEASE….(laughs hysterically)…that’s an animal thing like an orange one.
Russ:  Oh, like Garfield.
Taylor:  (laughs hysterically)…and my cat Pumpkin.

So now, I’m pretty sure Taylor thinks that if she eats too much sugar, she will turn into an orange cat.


3 Responses

  1. I am laughing out loud…..and yesterday she learned in Sunday School that Jesus “killed” (healed) a man because he couldn’t see. Maybe we need to get the wax out of her ears…

    …..(what happened to the donut holes I left there…that could have been dessert:-)

  2. thanks… i needed to laugh 🙂 That is too funny.

  3. Love it!

    Lilli thinks nothing but a purple tutu is appropriate attire as well:)

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