are you kidding me?

I’ve had a couple of are you kidding me? moments the last few days and wanted to share.

First, while clipping my coupons, I came across this ad:

Seriously – who buys this?!  Though at least there was a disclaimer that the dress in the photo was just an artists rendering because Kate’s dress is super secret and the actual doll you would receive after the royal wedding would have a gown that looked like Kate’s.  Unbelievable.

Second, there’s this story about push up bikini tops for young girls.  I am dumbfounded and terrified.  Why did we have a daughter?!   After seeing this story,  I noticed the crazy things that girls were wearing at Kids Eat Free night at Moe’s….little girls in high heels, booty short shorts, shorts with words on the backside, make-up, etc.

I remember thinking my parents were SO mean for making me wait until certain ages to do things like shave my legs, get my ears pierced, etc.  But that was definitely their job – and I fully intend to be “so unfair” to Taylor as well.

I remember wanting clothes from Limited Too back in the day and they were so tame.  Mostly baggy.   Hair scrunchies that match my shirt and shorts and earrings.  I wish I had some pictures to scan – I was SO very cool.  But now, I walk past that store and cringe a little at the clothes they are selling to girls in elementary school.

A few of the girls at youth group last week had on long knee-length shorts – I’m hoping that’s the trend that sticks around until Taylor is in middle school.  But I think that’s just wishful thinking.


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  1. I know what you mean!!! I am so glad the bermuda shorts are in right now! That is the majority of sera’s summer wardrobe. It is hard to find regular shorts for her that don’t look…. inappropriate. Especially now that she is older. With her LONG body now, regular shorts on her make me cringe sometimes! And she will NEVER be allowed to wear anything with words written across her butt! She is well aware of this, and thankfully agrees!

  2. Wow, padded swimsuits for little girls? Now that I have a daughter, I’m amazed at what’s made for little girls — both from the too short, too tight, too sexy side of things and what does it teach them about how they look side. My parents were very strict for me – I was the last to shave my legs, get my ears pierced, and I was not allowed to hem my uniform to be a short skirt like my classmates. Speaking of which, I can totally understand the advantage to school uniforms, or at least school dress codes.

  3. That swimsuit thing made me want to throw up.

  4. I’m glad the fad was oversized tshirts, knee length denim shorts and mismatched socks with keds when you were in middle school.
    I did have a problem with the tank tops with bra strap showing in later years….

    • true, but at least it was high school. you know, when I was much more mature. (stop laughing)

      I realized later last night that I didn’t even have a two piece bathing suit until 9th grade!

      We even buy dresses for Taylor that are a size up to make sure they are long enough – for a three year-old. geez!

  5. Another new fad that I am loving… leggings under dresses and skirts! Even in the summer, just thinner, shorter leggings. So far Sera does have a sense of modesty…hope that lasts!

    Oh! And swim shirts instead of regular bathing suit tops. She is begging for a swim shirt bathing suit for this summer, I happily agreed to get her one! She is not allowed to have triangle tops, so those push up swim suits just shock me!

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