When Taylor was little (or at least littlER), she was fearless.  She would go anywhere, to anyone, anytime.  It’s funny how as she grew, she became more and more weary of life and things that are unfamiliar.  First it was the vacuum, which once lulled her to sleep, but now makes her cry in fear and take the longest route possible to the bathroom to avoid coming in contact with the vacuum cleaner or its cord, even in the off position.  Then it was Santa Claus or any man with a white beard.  Then it was loud noises in general – thunder, motorcycles, the Blue Angels, the ice maker.  Then it was strangers following a lesson in the Target parking lot when she got a little too close to a strange man getting into his car.

And now, we can add leprechauns to that list.  Her teacher was reading books about St. Patrick’s Day and preparing the class for wearing green, eating green, and getting a visit from the leprechaun.  Neither of us are sure why, but Taylor began saying she was afraid of the leprechaun and that he was going to “get her”.   Then on St. Patrick’s Day, the class came in from the playground to find the room a little out of sorts from the sneaky leprechaun who also left chocolate treats behind.  While most of the children were celebrating the chocolate treats and laughing about the messy room, Taylor broke down and cried because she was afraid of that leprechaun.

Since then she has become obsessed with this little man in green.  We try to assure her that the leprechaun has gone back home in Ireland and that he won’t be back until next year and that even if he was still here; he is a nice leprechaun who is just a little silly and tricky.  She wants us to show her pictures of Ireland and even wants to go there  to see him (which I wouldn’t mind one day).

And now, anyone who is being sneaky or tricky is considered a leprechaun.  We were playing hide and seek yesterday.  Taylor and I easily found Russ hiding in a closet, but she and Russ could not find me.  They walked past me hiding behind a curtain at least five times.  I gave myself up though because I had to laugh when I heard Taylor say, “where is that sneaky mommy leprechaun?”

Where does she get this stuff?

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