two in a van

*overheard from the backseat*

Caleb cries

It’s ok, Caleb, why are you crying?

It’s ok, Mommy’s here.  And I’m here.  Mommy and I are here.

Caleb whimpers and looks at Taylor

Caleb, don’t cry.  We love you, so you don’t need to cry.

It’s ok, Mommy and I are here.  You’re ok.

Caleb stops crying and smiles.

3 Responses

  1. GAH!!! lump in my throat….

  2. Oh my goodness…so sweet. I wouldn’t have been able to see to drive from the tears in my eyes

  3. So sweet!

    Lilli did the same thing with Gracie during the terrible storm we had Saturday night. Lilli was stressed about the storm, so Travis told her it was OK because we were together and safe. When
    Gracie started to cry, Lilli said “Gracie, I’m right her and so is Daddy. We’ll be OK”

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