You all remember the “this is your brain on drugs” commercials from the 80s, right?

I think they are right on.  I’ve never done drugs, but if they do anything to your brain like approved drugs for pain relief then, then your brain is definitely fried.  I am a little weirded out by the effect the drugs had on my brain while I was in the hospital.  I basically lost a whole week, because everything that happened is really foggy.  In the weeks immediately following the surgery, Russ kept having to remind of things he told me or things I told him while I was under the influence.

We had this whole confusion about Taylor’s tuition.  I panicked when I got home thinking that it didn’t get paid on time and that we would get a late fee.  So I paid it and the late fee and the tuition for the following week. just in case I forgot again.  Then we get our statement saying that we had overpaid.  I was confused until asking Russ if he paid her tuition while I was in the hospital.  He said, “Yes, you told me to pay her tuition plus $2 for mother goose”.  That’s fascinating that I remembered to tell him to pay the tuition PLUS the monthly mother goose fee, and that I have absolutely no recollection of doing so.

Then just this weekend, I overheard Russ tell my uncle how nice it was that his pastor (and my former PC professor) called me while I was in the hospital.  I choked on my gulp of beverage, and said “What?! I talked to Dr. Bryant while I was in the hospital?!”  Russ assured me that I did and that it had been a fairly lengthy conversation.  I got a little worried since it was clear that I was heavily doped up at the time.  “What did we talk about?  What did I say?!”  Russ re-assured me and said that I talked about how things were good at the church after some rough times and that I asked him about things at the college.  That’s just crazy.  I have no recollection of that phone conversation at all.  How is that possible.

And it’s not just while I was in the hospital – I had trouble remembering things that happened in the days and weeks before and after.  It’s so weird.

I am totally freaked out by this and cannot imagine taking drugs “for fun”.  Losing your memory is not fun at all – it’s rather disturbing.  But maybe that’s why people do it – they want to forget.

2 Responses

  1. I sent you money, flowers, three cards, Chick-fil-a and many messages while in the hospital. Did you get it?

  2. It also could be that your mind blocked a lot of it out because it was traumatic. That has happened to me twice in my life. When my best friend died I lost WEEKS! What you went through was pretty traumatic so it wouldn’t surprise me if your memory loss wasn’t all due to the drugs.

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