head explosion

I have no longer have the ability to remember things.  It’s really sad, because I used to be able to remember freaky amounts of stuff.  I definitely blame the kids…the more things I am responsible for remembering and coordinating, the more my brain revolts and powers off.  So yesterday, determined NOT to forget a few things I had forgotten a few days in a row, I wrote a list on my hand.

Then while I was doing Taylor’s hair, she noticed the list.

Mommy, what’s that on your hand?  Is it like a stamp?

It’s a list to help me remember some things today.

But, mommy, you’re not supposed to draw on yourself.

I know. (dang it, should have just said it was a stamp)

But mommy, why did you write that on your hand?  You’re not supposed to write things on your hand.

I know, baby, but I needed to remember some things so I wrote it on my hand because I forgot that we weren’t supposed to write on ourselves.  I won’t do it again.

But mommy, what’s on you hand.

(OMG – For the love!)

Hey, look Little Einsteins is on TV!

Then we had a blissful 15 minutes, then she saw it again while we were getting in the car:

Mommy, why did you write on your hand?

I just needed to remember a few things.

But mommy, you’re not supposed to draw on yourself.

I KNOW, (GRRRRARRGHHHBLERGHHH!!! alright calm calm calm breathe) please stop asking me about what’s on my hand.   Let’s talk about something else…did you know you’re going on a field trip today?


Why are you crying?

sniffle…whimper. Because you said a mean thing to me and hurt my feelings.

But I didn’t say anything mean, I just want to talk about something new and fun.

Oh…where are we going on my field trip?

I may have lost more brain cells from my head exploding and made my daughter cry, but I did remember to do everything on my hand list.

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  1. I wrote on my hand at school the other day to remind me of something…I forget what….but I think I remembered at the time;-)

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