happy thoughts

So, I was kind of a downer with the posts about push-up bikini tops for little girls and 8th graders txting naked pictures of themselves to boys, and then my own parental failures…but yesterday and today, the interwebs have given me some happy parenting thoughts.

First of all there are some awesome kids out there who survive the trashy clothes and sexting; I hope and pray my kids will be among their measure.

I introduce you to PS22 if you haven’t already seen their awesomeness (I’m apparently behind the times since they’ve been on Oprah already).  Try watching this then not try to keep funding for arts education in schools:

And also this:

Then there was a news story about a high school senior who took his mother to prom.  At first, yes, it sounds strange….but he wanted to take her because she got pregnant at 18 and didn’t go to her prom or graduate from high school.  I’m sure she did not have an easy life raising two kids as a teenager, but I’d say she did something right.

Then there was A Mother’s Prayer for Its Child by Tina Fey.   The language is harsh in places, but overall beautiful and right on.

This is what I like about the interwebs – they remind me that I’m not alone in this difficult journey of parenting and that there is plenty of reason to hope in a media world that focuses on the hopeless.


2 Responses

  1. love it… i too am behind the oprah times and had never heard of PS22… they are awesome… and Tina Fey’s prayer, totally true hilarity. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Are these the kids who sang with Katy Perry at one of the award shows? They sang “Firework”…it was great. I’m always amazed at how good our little middle school band sounds…there are some really talented kids who would have missed out on this opportunity without arts in school.

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