Lady pastor

Reason #865 why I love being a lady pastor, especially in the south:

A gentlemen came in the office this morning looking for assistance while I was getting ready for my first ever Good Friday service (after having only even attending one, 7 years ago).  I was the only one on the entire campus since the daycare was closed for the holiday, and the office is usually closed on Fridays.  So I was a little stressed already, and being greeted by a 350 lb man at the door just added to that, but then it got fun.

Man:  Hello?

Me:  (walking out of my office toward the front door) Oh, hello.  Sorry, I didn’t hear you come in.  Can I help you?

Man:  (looking around) Yes, is there a pastor here I can speak to?

Me:  Yes, I’m the Associate Pastor here, I’m Dorothy.  (extending my right hand).  It’s nice to meet you.

Man:  (looking terribly shocked and a little appalled)   Oh, really?!….I mean…you don’t see that everyday…I mean…I’m from the South and I don’t know any women pastors.

Me:  Yes, I know.  Can I help you?

He then proceeds to tell me his story and I do what I can, which unfortunately isn’t much.  But I had to chuckle at our encounter, even now in 2011.

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