name that smell

Russ and I walked in the house this afternoon and noticed a strange (not good) smell.   But what was it exactly?

A)  The bag of sheets and clothes with throw-up on them.  You see, Taylor got sick during nap time yesterday, requiring an early pick-up and a 24-hour must-stay-away-from-school quarantine during a particularly busy week and a busier Friday with Russ’ exam and the second of three funerals at the church.


B)  The bag of clothes which contained a bit of pee and a lot of toilet water.  You see, Taylor from some very strange reason, didn’t quite make it to the potty in time at school on Tuesday.  Her clothes only got a little wet, but as she was changing, she somehow dropped her clothes into the toilet.


C)  The bag of neglected wet clothes from sometime last week.  You see, Taylor couldn’t resist the puddles one day and the bag was hiding during laundry day.


D)  Russ’ white coat with a hint of that lovely tow-truck-scent (a mixture of cigarette smoke, sweat, grease, and gas).  You see, Wednesday afternoon Russ ran over a piece of metal on his way home from the hospital, which punctured the gas tank, which caused the gas to leak out onto the interstate, which caused the car to stop running, which caused Russ to get out and stand on the side of the road with the car stalled in the middle of the interstate, which caused a police officer and a fire truck to head his way, which along with the car stalled in the middle of the interstate caused a fellow driver to rubberneck and hit two cars stopped in traffic ahead of him….but then the tow truck finally arrived to pick Russ up and tow the Blazer to its second home (the repair shop), where it remains today.


E)  The various bags of Calebs clothes with spit up and/or poop on them.  You see, he’s a baby and it happens.


F)  The uncleaned bottles sitting on the counter with a few ounces of formula still fermenting in the bottom.


G)  The chlorine soaked bathing suits and towels from Taylor’s first week of swim lessons at the YMCA.

We never did identify the particular smell…perhaps it was a deadly combination of all of the above.

But we did get rid of it by doing all the laundry, washing the dishes, and cleaning the bathrooms (for good measure)…because it’s Friday night and that’s how we roll.


7 Responses

  1. Oh good, I’m glad someone else’s house smells too.

  2. On our “Name that smell” missions, we are lead to the forgotten clothes in washer. I am very good at starting laundry but sometimes forget to move it to the dryer!

  3. Did you check the trashcan? I put some canteloupe rinds in there Sunday;-)

  4. It sounds like the smell might be the least of your troubles… a little stench never hurt anybody… when our hosue smells, we just open the windows 🙂 Why fix the problem when you can mask it!

  5. I think I relate to this more than anythig I have read in the last 7 months. What does that say about my life?

    How in the world did you do all the laundry? That is an impossible task in our house. Every time I think I am getting close, I find another hamper, pile, or bag of stuff that needs to be washed:)

  6. I’m with Neely…this post makes me feel so not alone!

  7. The google ad at the bottom of your post as I read this is for “Odor Shield Body Wash.” Perhaps you left out one possible cause?? 🙂

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