One of the things I miss most about college is dancing.  I loved going to parties and dancing.  I wasn’t a partier in the drinking sense, though at one of my sorority parties, Russ was asked by one of his friends if I was drunk because I was just dancing a lot  – and probably a bit poorly, but I didn’t care – I just loved to dance.  But then we got old and married and didn’t go to parties.  But at least we still had at least six weddings a year to go to where we could dance.  But then we got really old and all of our friends were already married and having kids.  So now we don’t dance much.

But Sunday night at our Talent Show, a couple was shagging as their talent and halfway through the song, they invited other people to join them…so we had to.  (We really had to because I promised the couple that we would when I begged them to be in the show after their children volunteered them).

It was fun…makes me really look forward to my cousin’s upcoming wedding!

For our first Christmas together back in 2001, Russ gave me a shag lessons.  Obviously, we have never actually taken said shag lessons.  Maybe one day.


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  1. hurray! I miss our dancing college days so much! We need to have a reunion that includes a little dance party!

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