mom facts

Way back at Mother’s Day, Taylor’s class filled out some mom facts about their moms.  Taylor’s answers cracked me up.

Some “Mom” Facts

Her Age: 20*

Her Hair: black, I think it’s brown

Her Eye Color:  blue

Her Favorite Color:  green

Her Favorite Song:  “Hush Little Taylor”

Her Favorite Food:  chicken, rice, and soup

Her Favorite TV Show:  Garfield (Ha!)

Her Favorite Animal:  Horses

Her Favorite Drink:  Sweet Tea (This one she got very right)

Her Favorite Holiday:  Valentine’s Day

Her Favorite Thing To Do:  Make breakfast (this was my favorite)

Her Favorite Place To Go Out To Eat:  McAlister’s (I can see how she thinks that)

Her Favorite Preschooler:  Caleb and me too. (YES!)

*Later I asked her how old I was again, and she answered “20” again…so I told her that I was 29…then she started counting, “20, 21, 22, 23….29, 20-10, 20-11, 20-12, 20-13…..20-19”  Then she stopped and I asked her what age came next, and she answered “After 20-19, you’ll be old and you’ll go to heaven”

2 Responses

  1. My favorite is your favorite song 🙂

    • It’s one of my favorites….along with “Hush Little Ryleigh” and “Hush Little Caleb”…..Taylor used to start falling asleep as soon as I started singing it…now not so much;-)

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