What’s for dinner

The stretch of time between me picking the kids up from school/day care and putting them to bed is the most exhausting stretch of time in the history of the world, especially when cooking dinner entails more than taking a box out of the freezer and putting its contents in the oven.   I was feeling adventurous tonight after three nights of cooking dinner that didn’t involve any food that was previously frozen.  Tonight’s menu – shrimp and dirty rice casserole with a side of strawberries.  Yum – but after the hectic afternoon, including a trip to the grocery store with both kids because I didn’t remember until after I picked them up that I had forgotten to pick up the shrimp, the dinner conversation almost sent me over the edge.

What’s more annoying than one kid making a horrible noise?  Your other kid copying him.

I think the finale is quite appropriate, yes?

This went on for at least 10 minutes because their dad kept laughing.

3 Responses

  1. I am a fan of the cup that appears out of no where that prompts a spoon to the head 🙂

    That would have been super cute at Outback … I am sure everyone would have gushed over how cute they were 😉

  2. Love the finale! Too funny!

  3. Still think it would make a great beer commercial…if only the brand weren’t covered up…I guess you could re-create:-)

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