don’t want to miss a thing

I think this weekend was the best four days ever.  We decided to chunk the todo lists and just be.  and it was awesome.

Friday, Taylor and I took Caleb to daycare, then had a girls’ day.   It was awesome.  We played at the playground (if you’re there by 8:00 am, you have the place to yourselves).  Then we went downtown and played in the fountains before meeting daddy for lunch.

Saturday and Sunday, we had some graduation parties, church, and hanging out with Grammy and Pops fun.

Then Monday was truly the BEST. DAY. EVER. (I’m screaming that like Rapunzel).  Russ and I were both not working for the whole day….that hasn’t happened in at least a month.   We made the most of it: we went to the beach, grabbed some lunch at Jack’s Cosmic Dogs (of national acclaim and I had a groupon), picked blackberries and strawberries, ate boiled peanuts and played in the pool on the deck, grilled out, and had a yummy turkey burger dinner with a side of delicious fruit.  It was awesome.

So I made a video.  It’s less a video and more a picture slideshow with some music because there were too many pictures of the weekend to post on the blog.

We didn’t get anything “done” but we accomplished a lot.  As Russ was getting ready for bed on Monday, he said, “I think this is my favorite day out of the last….30 years!”  I’d have to agree.

5 Responses

  1. That was great! I’m so glad you had a family day Monday….just the 4 of you. It looked like fun. Apparently your children like going around in circles 🙂

  2. LOVE. IT.

  3. lovely!

  4. I loved the video, made me tear up! That does happen a bunch these days it seems! Love you!

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