wee man

People have asked me if/how having a boy is different from having a girl.  I remember thinking that Taylor was SO very active that a boy couldn’t be much different.  But boy howdy was I wrong.  He is all boy, into everything, rough and tumble, dirty and messy, loud.  And he loves his mama and has that sheepish sly grin that will get the girls in trouble one day I’m afraid.

Yesterday while staying home with a sickly Caleb, I was reminded again how different they are.  I actually enjoy sick days with Taylor.  I don’t like for her to be sick, but she’s cuddly and sweet and wants to watch movies on the couch and read books and just lounge around.  So I thought that would be how yesterday would go, that I would spend most of the day snuggling with a pitiful baby on the couch.

But no way, no how.  He was high maintenance inconsolable.  all. day.  He was hungry, but he wouldn’t eat.   He was tired, but wouldn’t sleep.  He wanted me to hold him, but he wanted to be left alone.  all. day.   He wouldn’t let me leave the room.  He wouldn’t let me do anything that didn’t involve him.  He wasn’t running a fever anymore, but he was just mad at the world (and me) for making him not feel good.  Grumpy.  Cranky.  I wanted to pull my hair out….when it hit me….poor little bunny, he has….a man cold:

3 Responses

  1. Oh My Gosh!! He IS all boy…. 😀 That is so funny!

  2. HA! That is so funny. Sorry you didn’t have a relaxing day at home 😦

  3. Boys are crazy. They just are. They never run out of energy or sound effects. They love to play guns (even though mommies try to pretend they don’t exist), crash cars and jump off the highest possible piece of furniture in the house. BUT they also say things like ‘I’m gonna love you forever okay?” and “Are we married or somethin Momma?” Be still my heart! Hold on to that boy every chance you get! 🙂

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