Even if you didn’t go outside today, you knew the weather was delicious because it was all over facebook and twitter.  The weather was definitely the highlight of my day.

I walked outside, breathed in the goodness, and all at once it felt like football season and Halloween and time for Taylor’s birthday and my mom’s birthday and Thanksgiving.  Good Times.  I think I prefer the weather of the Spring and Summer (although this summer made me think twice with its multiple 100+ days), but the fall weather is just comforting – it gives me warm fuzzies for all the memories it brings.  I could definitely get used to a high of 70.

Taylor, on the other hand, is all about the fall.  It’s her favorite time of year (I think Halloween, her birthday, and football games have A LOT to do with her admiration).  She’s been asking for weeks if it was fall yet…any day that we didn’t sweat on the way to school she would ask “Mommy, is this fall?”  So this morning when she came outside with me to water the plants, she shivered, squealed with delight, ran back inside, and put on her beloved sweater.  She was so excited about getting to wear her sweater that she even wanted to leave early for school.

And tomorrow, we really get to enjoy it with a soccer game in the morning, tailgating with family in the afternoon, and a USC game in the evening.  Ahhhhh…..


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